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Buying Guide

Piano Buyer exists to make shopping for a piano easier and more enjoyable. We've spent decades doing the research to make your piano selection process informed. Not sure where to start? Read some of our featured articles to give you some ideas. 

Piano Buying Articles by Topic


Navigating the used market can be difficult. Make sure you are educated before you buy.


Globalized manufacturing offers a range of quality and affordability. What brands should you be considering?

High End

Competition is stiff in the high end market. You have the luxury of choice, so explore all your options.


The world of technology is constantly evolving. Learn how digital pianos can expand your musical world. 

Are you a first-time shopper?

You have options. Our piano pricing list includes over 3,000 current models. Use the search function to narrow the list by price, size, brand, and more.

Featured Articles

Piano Buying Basics

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the piano-buying process, with an emphasis on the decisions you'll have to make along the way, and on the factors that will affect any acoustic piano purchase. 

Piano Practice
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