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Pearl River Debuts Two Small-Scale Pianos at NAMM Show

Updated: Feb 3

In recognition of the growing market for pianos designed for preschool children and older adults, Pearl River introduced two new instruments at the 2024 NAMM Show at the Anaheim Convention Center, held on January 25 through 28, 2024.

The new UP95 is a 61-key piano specifically crafted to nurture the musical interests of

preschool and younger children under the age of 10. For better playability, the keys themselves have been narrowed, making the learning experience more accessible and enjoyable. A complimentary textbook that is tailored to align with children’s cognitive, psychological, and physiological characteristics is included with each UP95.

Pearl River made child safety a priority with rounded edges and a special anti-tipping structure. The slow-close fallboard ensures that there is no danger of pinched fingers while a child is playing the piano. At just 39 inches wide and 38.5 inches high, the Pearl River UP95 has been carefully designed as a safe introduction to the world of music for young aspiring pianists.

The 69-key acoustic learning piano, the Pearl River UP100, was designed in collaboration with Lin Gore, a composer and professor at China’s Sichuan Conservatory of Music, to meet the needs of beginners, amateur music enthusiasts, non-piano-major students in regular schools, as well as those involved in vocal performances and teaching.

Changes from the traditional 88-key upright piano to create a more compact and lighter

instrument include a keyboard that eliminates 11 keys in the high treble range and 8 keys in the low bass range. The piano’s height and width have been reduced to 39 inches by 47 inches. Each note has two strings compared to three for full size, reducing the total string count from 218 to 129. The pedal system has been simplified from three pedals to two, with one soft pedal removed.

Leng Tshua, Pearl River Piano Group Global Sales and Marketing Director, says the niche for pianos that are smaller and more portable is expanding. “Whether it’s a young family wishing to get their preschool child started on a life-long musical journey, or a retiree with learning to play piano on their bucket list, these two pianos fit into all lifestyles,” he said. “And with their compact size, they also can fit into nearly any space.”



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