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Introducing the Prodigy II - Where Special Moments Come to Life

PianoDisc, a pioneer in the world of player piano technology, is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation: Prodigy II. It is the pinnacle of player piano excellence, blending top-quality piano performances and advanced technology for a simple, streamlined experience just for you. This sophisticated player piano recreates and plays back the masterful performances of the world’s top musicians on your piano.

"The Player Piano Prodigy II represents a convergence of artistry and innovation. It pays homage to our rich musical heritage while embracing the possibilities of the digital age."

-Kirk Burgett, CEO of PianoDisc

The Prodigy II system is a testament to over three decades of PianoDisc's commitment to musical excellence and technological advancement. Key features include:

Two Chips, One Harmony: The new Performance and Connection Chips are revolutionary dedicated processors for the Prodigy II that elevate the capabilities of your piano.

P1 Performance Chip: A dedicated processor that conducts the piano and MIDI data,

guaranteeing flawless playback precision. This processor boasts the capability to

enhance dynamics and emotional expression, as well as providing softer playback and

realistic key release.

C1 Connection Chip: In perfect synergy with this powerhouse is the C1 Connection

Chip, serving as the maestro that conducts the seamless management of high-fidelity

audio. This processor facilitates automatic connection between your smart device and

your piano, ensuring a robust and reliable link.

PianoDisc Difference: PianoDisc's cutting-edge technology, SilentDrive HD 5, utilizes

patented electro-mechanical solenoids for precise control of piano key movement, velocity, and duration, providing 1,024 levels of expression. The result is a more fluid and lifelike reproduction of the original performance, filled with expression, feeling, and emotion.

Yours To Control: Prodigy II lets you easily play your piano by using a dedicated iPad or

smart device.

Lifelike Note Release: Prodigy II excels at replicating both the swift note release of staccato passages and the smooth, gradual note release of legato movements, akin to the artistry of accomplished pianists.

Dynamically Quiet for Conversations: Harnessing enhanced processing power, Prodigy II seamlessly unlocks the complete dynamic spectrum of your piano, enabling the most delicate, near-whisper tones to be gracefully expressed.

Auto-Connect to your Piano: Experience the future of music at your fingertips as Prodigy II seamlessly auto-connects to your iPad or smart device using Bluetooth Audio and Bluetooth MIDI, redefining what convenience and simplicity should be in a player piano.

No iPad? No Problem: With a new built-in SD slot, you can insert a card and have your

piano instantly play music for hours.

David Honeywell, Senior Engineer at PianoDisc, states, "The Player Piano Prodigy II redefines the way we experience music with the latest technology. We leaned upon our decades of research to build the best player system. With Prodigy II, every home can become a stage for extraordinary performances."

PianoDisc's Prodigy II is the embodiment of passion, technology, and musicality. To purchase this product, you can buy a piano with a pre-installed Prodigy II system, install a Prodigy II player system into an existing piano, or upgrade your old PianoDisc System with the new Prodigy II.

PianoDisc Inc., a leader in player piano technology, has been dedicated to enriching musical experiences worldwide for over three decades. With a commitment to innovation and artistry, PianoDisc continues to set the industry standard for player piano systems.

For more information about PianoDisc and the Player Piano Prodigy II, please visit


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