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Piano Matchmaker

Piano Sales Expert

When it’s time to invite a top-tier piano into your life, you need to know you are getting the right piano. Not only are you making a sizable investment, you are also purchasing a piano poised to fulfill a vital role. This role is bringing the joy of music into your home for a long time to come.

The piano business is not a regulated business. With 30 years of experience, Erica knows the ins and outs of the piano business. And her impeccable standards do not allow for compromise of any sort during the piano-buying process.

Mason & Hamlin

Piano Manufacturer

For nearly two centuries, Mason & Hamlin has proudly continued its tradition of using only the finest materials and time-honored methods to produce the World’s Finest Pianos. Today, these remarkable American-made instruments grace the stages of concert halls and conservatories alike, and are renowned for their distinctive tone, bell-like treble, thunderous bass, and exceptional playability.


Piano Manufacturing

Fazioli Pianos has been producing grand and concert grand pianos since 1981, when the company was founded by the engineer and pianist Paolo Fazioli. Passion for music, great artisanship, continuous technological research and strict material selection: these are the elements required for building a Fazioli piano. FAZIOLI refuses any industrial approach to manufacturing and pursues the objective of uncompromised quality. The factory is located in Sacile, in the Province of Pordenone (60 km Northeast of Venice) in an area boasting an ancient and prestigious tradition in the art of woodworking.

Steingraeber & Söhne

Piano Manufacturer

Our upright and grand pianos are handcrafted using time-honoured traditions of piano making and are among the finest instruments produced by an elite group of manufacturers.


Piano Manufacturer

Beginning in 1795, Ritmüller quickly became one of the most acclaimed and innovative names in European piano making. Today, in the most modern piano factory in the world, Ritmüller continues to seek perfection in design and performance worthy of its name.

QRS Music Technologies, Inc.

Player Piano Systems

We strive to bring you the best player piano experience possible. Our state of the art systems will help you experience your piano like never before.

Piano Technicians Guild

Piano Technology Education

The Piano Technicians Guild is the world's premier source of expertise in piano service and technology. We represent more than 100 years of collective knowledge, over 3,300 global members and the industry's only recognized piano service certification program, the Registered Piano Technician.

Period Piano Collection

Piano Conserving

We seek to rediscover the art of the piano as the composer heard it on the instruments of the time; to collect and study the instruments themselves, conserving many for history, and performing on many, so we might rediscover history’s magic. We exhibit and curate instruments, tell the great stories of piano and society, and study the history of the piano, its technology and its builders.

Modern Piano

Nationwide Piano Moving

We understand the value of each piano and it is our mission to treat each piece with the utmost care and concern.


Piano Manufacturer

With the mandate to create ‘the finest pianos in the world,’ Pearl River combined the finest in German precision craftsmanship with the latest advancements in acoustics and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. The result is pianos that challenge listeners and performers to name one better.

W. Hoffmann

Piano Manufacturer

Fabulous upright and grand pianos for beginners and professional pianists. Made in Europe by C. Bechstein.

Frances Clark Center

Piano Magazine is the digital home for the Frances Clark Center community and its many interconnected resources.


Digital Piano Manufacturer

Dexibell is born from the need to create musical products that are faithful to the highest expectations of musicians. Dexibell has a creative energy that is fueled by the know-how, the talent, and the experience of the best and most highly regarded Italian designers and engineers.

Cooper Music

Piano Dealership

At Cooper Piano we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, our breadth of selection and the manner in which we conduct our business. These uncompromising factors have enabled us to achieve a notable presence in the metro Atlanta marketplace.

Allegro Pianos

Piano Dealership

Allegro Pianos is a leading piano retailer for quality pianos offering unmatched selection of piano brands, a unique buying experience and first rate after sale service.

Piano Industry Professionals & Producers Affiliated

Piano Trade Show

PIPPA’s mission is to provide a meaningful framework for supporting growth in every part of the piano industry.

We help piano professionals, piano stores, piano manufacturers, and suppliers grow.


Piano Dealership

Of course, we think PianoCraft is unique in the world of pianos. We’re part piano dealer, part piano
rebuilding and restoration shop, part piano service business, and part music performance space.
Since day 1, we have made it our mission to offer the best possible pianos to the public because
we’re owned and operated by pianists and craftsmen.


Piano Brand

Cristofori pianos are built by the world’s largest, most state-of-the-art piano manufacturer with a nearly 70 year history of crafting pianos. Custom designed to offer high quality materials and superior design features found in higher end pianos, Cristofori offers an industry leading combination of performance, tone and value.

Wilh. Steinberg

Piano Manufacturer

Wilh. Steinberg pianos are reputed in inheriting handcraft piano-making tradition. Combining modern technology, Wilh. Steinberg pianos have accomplished an outstanding success.

Rick Jones Pianos

Piano Dealership

Discover why piano teachers & their students from all over the USA buy our pianos in person, online, or over the phone. Save a fortune on Steinway, Yamaha, and Kawai pianos in like-new condition at a fraction of new retail prices.


Piano Marketplace

For more than two decades, PianoMart has been the leading online resource for selling and buying pianos online. Our site is trusted by renowned dealers, professional musicians, private instructors, and amateur enthusiasts alike, and our inventory includes grand, baby grand, upright and digital pianos.

Piano Finders

Piano Brokerage Services

Piano Finders is a California General Partnership between Kendall Ross Bean and Karen Lile that began in 1982. It has evolved over the years, with physical locations in Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Clayton and Concord. In 1998, when Piano Finders developed a presence on the internet, the business went into the global market.

Pearl River Piano Group

Piano Manufacturer

A musical instrument manufacturer with more than 60 years history, Pearl River Piano is one of the largest piano manufacturers in the world. Throughout our history, we have been designing, building and continuously perfecting fine pianos. Pearl River Piano is one of the best selling piano brands and has been exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

Leopold Holder

Piano Appraiser

Specializing in piano appraisals, Leopold Holder also offers appraisals for resale, divorces, settlements, estates, charitable donations, insurance reports, and claims. He is a member of the Appraisers Association of America and is us USPAP certified.


Piano Manufacturer

Kawai acoustic and digital pianos are a top choice of pianists, teachers, churches, students and piano enthusiasts around the globe.


Piano Manufacturer

Hailun’s vertical and grand pianos continue to garner respect, admiration, and worldwide acknowledgement from both performers and audiences alike. Now Hailun have more than 800 dealers all over the world.

August Förster

Piano Manufacturer

Piano Life Saver

Humidity Control for Pianos

Extreme or fluctuating humidity levels can have detrimental effects on your piano, ranging from inconsistent pitch to long term structural damage. The Piano Life Saver provides a consistent environment for your piano, prolonging tunings and the life of your piano. Most importantly, your piano will sound the way you expect, everytime you’re ready to play.


Piano Manufacturer

Since 1853, Blüthner pianos have been exclusively manufactured in Leipzig, Germany. To this day, the Blüthner family of craftsman and entrepreneurs continues to head the Blüthner firm and personally oversees the production of each piano bearing their name. They carry on the legacy of the founder, Julius Blüthner, to build the best pianos in the world. The highest standards of precision and craftsmanship have been achieved here for over 150 years. Today, this standard is certified on every individual soundboard by the signatures of the Blüthner family owners.


Piano Player Manufacturer

PianoDisc has been the world leader in modern player piano systems since 1988. With a stellar reputation and one of the most acclaimed and expansive music libraries in the industry, PianoDisc has delighted piano music lovers for generations and is proudly made in America.

R. Kassman

Piano Dealership

Performing music is a highly personal experience, and finding the right instrument requires an equally personal touch. At R. Kassman, we don’t just offer the best selection and expert knowledge – we are also committed to providing a personalized shopping experience unlike any other.

My Perfect Piano

Piano Sales & Services

My Perfect Piano provides an unparalleled level of expertise and world class “concierge” service to buyers and sellers of Steinway & Sons and Bosendorfer grand pianos.


Piano Manufacturer

We are one of only a few piano manufacturers who craft their instruments entirely in house using only components made in Germany—and will continue to do so in the future.

Reeder Pianos, Inc.

Piano Dealership

Since 1967, service has always been our trademark. As a family owned business, we bring you personalized care, including "before and after sale" service. We carefully prepare each piano by tuning, voicing and regulating each instrument. Our piano restoration center has over 50 years of experience in piano restoration, technical and tuning services for concert use and in the home.

Piano World

Piano Forums

Home of the world famous Piano Forums.


Piano Manufacturer

Petrof is a significant producer of acoustic grand and upright pianos in Europe. It trades in 5 continents and exports to over 65 countries the world over. Since 1864, when Antonín Petrof built his first piano, we have produced under the Petrof name roughly 635,000 instruments and many others within the Petrof Brand Family. Our pianos are popular among musicians above all for their unusually soft, gentle, rounded, and romantic tone. Over the decades of their production much has changed, but precise work by hand, careful selection of materials, and the unchanging romantic sound endure. Countless famous performers and well-known personalities have fallen in love with Petrof instruments, and the representatives of the fifth and sixth generation proudly continue in their honorable trade and family tradition.

North Bennet Street School

School of Piano Technology

Our comprehensive Piano Technology programs give you the skills you need to start a successful business and pursue a deeply satisfying career. We offer two nine-month courses—Basic Piano Technology (PT) and Advanced Piano Technology (PA)—both of which provide intensive training with master faculty in a stimulating environment.


Piano Manufacturer

The Kingsburg brand originated from the early stage of World War 2 in Germany. It has a century-old history. Based on the inheritance of 100 years of German traditional craftsmanship, it has injected the essence of life-long design and production craftsmanship of Mr. Klaus Fenner, and innovated contemporary Kingsburg “Colorful Timbre” piano brand.

Hollywood Piano Co.

Piano Dealership

Hollywood Piano is one of the largest piano dealers in the Los Angeles Metro area.


Piano Manufacturer

The family-owned company, Grotrian-Steinweg has maintained the value of a continuous piano construction tradition for more than 180 years without any compromises.


Piano Manufacturer

Fazioli Pianos has been producing grand and concert grand pianos since 1981, when the company was founded by the engineer and pianist Paolo Fazioli. Passion for music, great artisanship, continuous technological research and strict material selection: these are the elements required for building a Fazioli piano.

Cory Products

Piano Care Products

The world's finest cleaners and polishes for pianos, musical instruments, auto and more.

C. Bechstein

Piano Manufacturer

Top quality since 1853: C. Bechstein is synonymous with top-class grand and upright pianos, made in Germany. Discover the variety of our other brands: High quality for the discerning. From beginners to professionals.

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