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Piano Buyer Advertising

Piano Buyer provides piano manufacturers, dealers, rebuilders, technicians, and others an opportunity to effectively and inexpensively deliver their message to a precisely targeted market of active piano shoppers.

Print Style Advertising

Most print-style ads are located within Piano Buyer’s articles, their positions chosen by the publisher based on the best match with the articles’ subject matter and on space availability. The ads remain online for the full six months of each issue’s life span.


Print-style ads are the most cost-effective type of advertising for advertisers who wish to reach a national or international audience. Print-style ads have print-familiar specs and sizes, such as full page, half page, etc. Advertisers can send us ad creatives made to our specifications, or we can create ads for a modest charge. For more information visit the Rates & Specifications page. 


Banner Advertising

Banner-ad sizes are Leaderboard (728x90

pixels), to appear at or near the top of the page;

and Medium Rectangle (300x250 pixels), to

appear along the side or bottom of the page.

Alternate sizing (300x100 pixels) or positioning

may sometimes be necessary for mobile devices

or on certain webpages. Because viewers will

see a banner ad numerous times as they go from

webpage to webpage, the ad’s primary benefit

will be its subliminal reinforcing of your brand

through repeated viewings.

You can create your own banner ads to our

specifications, or have us do it for you for a

modest charge. For more information visit the Rates & Specifications page. 


Find a Technician

If you are a piano technician who wants to boost your visibility to your local audience, consider listing your services with us. Piano Buyer brings thousands of page viewers who are hungry for piano-related information. What better place to let people know your availability?


Our technician search function is based on the area that you want to service. Simply put your address in the application form and service radius in miles and your listing will appear to potential clients in your location.


Thanks for submitting!

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