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New Hybrid Piano: Kawai NOVUS NV5

The NOVUS NV5 is the latest hybrid piano from Kawai Japan. (Not yet available in North America.)

Back in 2017, Kawai introduced the NOVUS NV10. This was styled along the lines of a small baby grand. It received much critical acclaim.

At around three-quarters the price, the NOVUS NV5 can be considered the “upright” version of the NV10. It offers most of the same facilities, but centers around the upright version of Kawai’s Millennium III keyboard.

Kawai Novus NV5

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New Additions to Kawai’s CN Range of Digital Pianos

Kawai has announced that they are replacing the award winning CN27 and CN37 digital pianos with the CN29 and CN39.

Various enhancements have been incorporated in the new instruments, most notably to the user interfaces and sound systems.

Kawai has collaborated with high-end Japanese audio manufacturers Onkyo to upgrade the amplification and speakers of the new models.

Kawai CN29 and CN39

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The Lang Lang Black Diamond from Steinway & Sons

The latest addition to Steinway’s Limited Edition range of grand pianos is the Lang Lang Black Diamond. This piano was recently unveiled to 1,600 guests at an exclusive Lang Lang concert held at the Philharmonie de Paris.

The piano has been developed by Steinway Artist Lang Lang in collaboration with world-renowned U.S. furniture designer Dakota Jackson.

Steinway Lang Lang Black Diamond

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Petrof Celebrates Anniversary with Three New Limited Edition Pianos

The first Petrof piano was built 155 years ago. To celebrate this fact, the company, which now makes more pianos in Europe than any other, has produced three new limited edition instruments – one grand and two uprights.

All three incorporate interesting materials in their design.

Petrof Stingray Grand Piano

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Roland Launch HP700 Series of Digital Piano

Following the appearance of the LX700 range of digital pianos at the end of 2018, Roland has now unveiled the HP700 series. These compact, attractively designed instruments are aimed at the home market, and include features that will inspire the beginner to progress (hopefully at speed).

There are initially two pianos in the range: the HP702, and the HP704.

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Steinway Launches SPIRIO | r

In 2015, Steinway unveiled SPIRIO, a player-piano system that allows Steinway owners to replay pre-recorded performances on their own piano. The Steinway archive holds countless recordings of the world’s greatest pianists, and once encoded, these can be re-created on any SPIRIO-equipped piano. Now Steinway has released SPIRIO | r, a feature that enables the user to record and edit his or her own performances.


Steinway SPIRIO - r



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Steinway Mid-Century Modern Grand Revisited

In 1953, American architect Walter Dorwin Teague designed a special grand piano for Steinway & Sons to commemorate the company’s 100th anniversary. It was known as the Teague Sketch 1111, and around 200 were built.

The Steinway Teague Sketch 1111

The Steinway Teague Sketch 1111 (Limited Edition, 2018), Model M Studio Grand Piano

Now, 65 years later, Steinway has announced a new Limited Edition version of the same mid-century modern design. The piano is based on the Model M, and is available in Satin Ebony or Dark Walnut finishes.

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Roland LX700 Digital Piano Series

The LX700 is a new series of digital pianos from Roland that uses the company’s PureAcoustic Piano Modeling technology. Most digital pianos use samples of acoustic instruments as the fundamental sound source. Modeling, on the other hand, derives the sound from mathematical analysis of sound-producing elements.

Roland LX705-LA

Roland LX705-LA (light oak finish)

Three new models have been announced: the entry-level LX705, the LX706, and the top-of-the-line LX708.

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Fazioli’s Kengo Kuma Grand Piano

Canadian property developer Westbank Corporation has commissioned another stunning grand piano from Italian pianomaker Fazioli.

The Fazioli Kengo Kuma Grand Piano

The Fazioli Kengo Kuma Grand Piano

The instrument will take pride of place in the lobby of a new 43-story tower in Vancouver, BC. Both the building and the piano are designed by, and bear the name of, the world-renowned Japanese architectural firm Kengo Kuma Associates.

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Kawai Introduces K300 AURES Hybrid

Kawai has again collaborated with its Japanese neighbor Onkyo on a new hybrid instrument, the K300 AURES. The two companies previously worked together on the very successful NOVUS NV10.

The Kawai K300 AURES Hybrid PianoThe Kawai K300 AURES Hybrid Piano

The term AURES comes from AUdio and RESonance, and this instrument marries the acoustic action of the K300 upright with the SK-EX sound engine employed in Kawai’s CA-98 digital piano.

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Roland Unveils New Digital Piano Incorporating Alexa Functionality

The new GO:PIANO88 is the latest digital piano to be added to Roland’s GO-Series of portable instruments and devices.

Roland GO:PIANO88 with TabletRoland GO:PIANO88 with Tablet

The piano was on show at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) alongside a modified 61-note GO:PIANO with built-in Alexa technology. The inclusion of Amazon’s digital virtual assistant facilitates many new opportunities, including hands-free control.

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