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Pearl River Introduces the Kayserburg Étoile Collection of Exotic Woods

Pearl River Piano Group has long known that piano building is an art form unto itself, but turning a piano into a work of art takes the highest level of veneer craftsmanship. Named for the French word for ‘star’ (pronounced eiˈtwal), the Kayserburg Étoile Collection brings forward the ultimate expression of turning rare wood’s natural luster, color, and patterns that change from every angle into heavenly beauty.

Of the more than 90,000 species of hardwoods in the world, only about 100 are used in the fancy veneer industry. For the Kayserburg Étoile Collection only the most impactful have been selected—whether it’s East Indian Rosewood, which is considered one of the most beautiful lumbers in the world that is found in many Asian antiques, or Ziricote, an exotic wood native to the Central American that ranges from reddish-brown to dark brown with unusual streaks of pale-yellow sapwood.

Introduced last October in Shanghai at Music China 2020, the Kayserburg Étoile Collection exotic veneers include Sapele Mahogany, a luxurious wood from western and central African trees that reach heights up to 180 feet, and Golden Silk Phoebe that has been historically used for boat building, architectural woodworking, furniture, and sculptural carving. The collection also features Tiger Striped Sandalwood, Straight Line Ebony, Green Apple, and Rose Gold Sandalwood.

Pearl River believes that with its meticulous craftsmanship and unrivaled playability a piano from the Kayserburg Étoile Collection is destined to become the center of the universe in any setting.

Kayserburg model KA180T in East Indian Rosewood

More information, and additional photos of the veneers in the Collection, can be found at the Kayserburg USA website.


Steinway Adds to its Concert Hall Series

The Steinway Concert Hall Series is a collection of limited edition grand pianos honouring major concert halls around the world.

Previous releases include the Elbphilharmonie Edition and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Edition.

Now to celebrate the venue’s 150th anniversary, Steinway has produced the Royal Albert Hall Limited Edition.

Royal Albert Hall Concert Hall Edition

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Fazioli Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Italian pianomaker Fazioli, known worldwide for its grand pianos of exceptional quality, is celebrating its 40th anniversary. And a splendid new book “Fazioli Grand Pianos: From the Dream to the Sound” by Sandro Cappelletto marks this event.

Paolo Fazioli, armed with degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Piano Performance, and Music Composition founded Fazioli Pianoforti s.p.a. back in 1981. His focus on producing the best grand pianos in the world has made his instruments many professional performers’ “piano of choice”.

Cappelletto’s book is a must for both Fazioli owners, and for those interested in how such a fine instrument has evolved.

Fazioli Celebrates 40th Anniversary

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New Privia Digital Pianos from Casio

Casio has just unveiled the Privia PX-S1100. This replaces the company’s award-winning PX-S1000. The new model retains most of its predecessor’s features but has an improved sound quality and offers greater connectivity.

The PX-S1000 has been extremely successful for Casio, and the new PX-S1100 should be just as popular.

This is the slimmest portable digital piano on the market, and has a great “German” grand piano sound.

And there’s the new PX-S3100 also coming soon!

New Privia Digital Pianos from Casio

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Two New Uprights from C. Bechstein

European piano manufacturer C. Bechstein and its subsidiary W.Hoffman introduce two small modern upright pianos this summer.

With its modern sleek lines, and fresh timbre, the C. Bechstein Academy A 4 is designed to accommodate a variety of musical genres… it’s marketed as “a versatile talent for every repertoire”.

The W.Hoffmann Vision V 2 is the entry-level instrument for the W.Hoffmann brand, and Bechstein claim it to be “the small piano for big ideas”.

Two New Uprights from C. Bechstein
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Steinway Skyline Special Collection

Steinway has announced the latest addition to their Special Collection range of grand pianos: Skyline. This is something quite new, as it enables customers to, in effect, “design” their own unique instruments.

Steinway will meticulously decorate your new piano with any skyline profile you choose. This can be a cityscape, a mountain range, a maritime horizon… virtually anything you like. The piano shown here is a “Manhattan” Skyline.

The Steinway Skyline Special Collection Grand

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The “Kravitz Grand” from Steinway

Steinway has launched a remarkable West-African influenced limited-edition grand piano. It has been created by world-renowned musician and designer Lenny Kravitz.

This isn’t your average limited-edition piano. Lenny Kravitz has transformed a Steinway Model B into something really special. Ron Losby (CEO of Steinway Musical Instruments) describes the project as the most exciting he’s ever worked on.


The Kravitz Grand from Steinway


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Kawai ES920 and Kawai ES520 Digital Pianos

Kawai has just launched two new digital pianos. These are both portable instruments and expand Kawai’s popular ES Series to three models.

The ES920 replaces the ES8 and is the top-of-the-range piano. The ES520 comes in as a new mid-range model, whilst the ES110 remains in the series as the entry level instrument.

The new digital pianos have a new flat-panel styling with smooth rounded edges. All models are available in both black and white finishes.


Kawai ES920 and ES520


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Two New Special Edition Pianos From Fazioli

Exclusive Italian piano maker Fazioli has produced two exciting new “special edition” pianos – The Flying Fazioli and The Origami Fazioli. Both are remarkable, but for different reasons… 

The Flying Fazioli floats above the ground with only the stool touching the floor, whilst The Origami Fazioli uses a special pentagonal motif to create a unique new look.

The Flying Fazioli
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New Hybrid Piano: Kawai NOVUS NV5

The NOVUS NV5 is the latest hybrid piano from Kawai Japan.

Back in 2017, Kawai introduced the NOVUS NV10. This was styled along the lines of a small baby grand. It received much critical acclaim.

At around three-quarters the price, the NOVUS NV5 can be considered the “upright” version of the NV10. It offers most of the same facilities, but centers around the upright version of Kawai’s Millennium III keyboard.

Kawai Novus NV5

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New Additions to Kawai’s CN Range of Digital Pianos

Kawai has announced that they are replacing the award winning CN27 and CN37 digital pianos with the CN29 and CN39.

Various enhancements have been incorporated in the new instruments, most notably to the user interfaces and sound systems.

Kawai has collaborated with high-end Japanese audio manufacturers Onkyo to upgrade the amplification and speakers of the new models.

Kawai CN29 and CN39

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The Lang Lang Black Diamond from Steinway & Sons

The latest addition to Steinway’s Limited Edition range of grand pianos is the Lang Lang Black Diamond. This piano was recently unveiled to 1,600 guests at an exclusive Lang Lang concert held at the Philharmonie de Paris.

The piano has been developed by Steinway Artist Lang Lang in collaboration with world-renowned U.S. furniture designer Dakota Jackson.

Steinway Lang Lang Black Diamond

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Petrof Celebrates Anniversary with Three New Limited Edition Pianos

The first Petrof piano was built 155 years ago. To celebrate this fact, the company, which now makes more pianos in Europe than any other, has produced three new limited edition instruments – one grand and two uprights.

All three incorporate interesting materials in their design.

Petrof Stingray Grand Piano

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Steinway Launches SPIRIO | r

In 2015, Steinway unveiled SPIRIO, a player-piano system that allows Steinway owners to replay pre-recorded performances on their own piano. The Steinway archive holds countless recordings of the world’s greatest pianists, and once encoded, these can be re-created on any SPIRIO-equipped piano. Now Steinway has released SPIRIO | r, a feature that enables the user to record and edit his or her own performances.


Steinway SPIRIO - r



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Steinway Mid-Century Modern Grand Revisited

In 1953, American architect Walter Dorwin Teague designed a special grand piano for Steinway & Sons to commemorate the company’s 100th anniversary. It was known as the Teague Sketch 1111, and around 200 were built.

The Steinway Teague Sketch 1111

The Steinway Teague Sketch 1111 (Limited Edition, 2018), Model M Studio Grand Piano

Now, 65 years later, Steinway has announced a new Limited Edition version of the same mid-century modern design. The piano is based on the Model M, and is available in Satin Ebony or Dark Walnut finishes.

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Fazioli’s Kengo Kuma Grand Piano

Canadian property developer Westbank Corporation has commissioned another stunning grand piano from Italian pianomaker Fazioli.

The Fazioli Kengo Kuma Grand Piano

The Fazioli Kengo Kuma Grand Piano

The instrument will take pride of place in the lobby of a new 43-story tower in Vancouver, BC. Both the building and the piano are designed by, and bear the name of, the world-renowned Japanese architectural firm Kengo Kuma Associates.

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Kawai Introduces K300 AURES Hybrid

Kawai has again collaborated with its Japanese neighbor Onkyo on a new hybrid instrument, the K300 AURES. The two companies previously worked together on the very successful NOVUS NV10.

The Kawai K300 AURES Hybrid PianoThe Kawai K300 AURES Hybrid Piano

The term AURES comes from AUdio and RESonance, and this instrument marries the acoustic action of the K300 upright with the SK-EX sound engine employed in Kawai’s CA-98 digital piano.

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Kawai DG30 Digital Grand Piano

Kawai America is pleased to announce the new DG30 digital grand piano. The DG30 combines Kawai’s highly authentic Responsive Hammer III (RHIII) keyboard action with the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano sound, delivering an authentic grand piano playing experience. Additionally, the DG30 comes in a beautiful grand piano-like cabinet for a modern, luxurious appearance. With all of its premium features, Kawai’s new DG30 digital grand piano promises to deliver an authentic piano playing experience that inspires.

The Kawai DG30 Digital Grand Piano

The DG30ʼs attractive cabinet is finished in beautiful Ebony Polish, with silver hardware completing a modern, elegant look. Opening the instrument’s grand style lid reveals a polished wooden soundboard with two upward-facing speakers. Long and short lid props are provided for either full or partial lid positions. Despite its grand piano appearance, the DG30 is a relatively compact instrument sure to enhance even the smallest areas.

The DG30 offers the touch of a grand piano with its class-leading Responsive Hammer III (RHIII) keyboard action. The RHIII action delivers an authentic piano touch through several elements including springless design for smooth movement with a triple-sensor key detection system enhancing responsiveness, and structural reinforcements throughout for minimal noise and key wobble. The RHIII also features 88 graded hammers replicating the heavier bass and lighter treble hammers of an acoustic piano for unmatched key control that will satisfy even the most advanced pianists.

Complementing its responsive touch, the DG30 delivers the rich, expressive sound of Kawai’s flagship piano – the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano. Through Kawai’s advanced Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology, the DG30 reproduces not only the warmth of the Shigeru concert grand but also its power. The DG30 offers a variety of piano sounds and a palette of over 300 additional sounds as well. These stunning sounds are delivered through a powerful 4-speaker sound system, featuring technologies developed in collaboration with premium audio specialists, Onkyo.

Alan Palmer, Digital Product Manager at Kawai America shares, “At Kawai, we aim to deliver the most authentic piano playing experience in every one of our digital products, and the DG30 digital grand is no exception.” He continues, “From touch to tone, and functionality to design, the DG30 is the full package.”

The DG30 digital grand offers a variety of other useful features. Integrated Bluetooth MIDI and Audio expands the instrument’s functionality by communicating wirelessly with supported smart devices while using a variety of apps, including Kawai’s Virtual Technician and Sound Museum apps, or to play audio through its high fidelity 4-speaker output system. Built-in lesson function, adjustable metronome and song recorder are also features included in the DG30 that are invaluable tools for aspiring pianists.

With its modern appearance, smooth responsive touch, and stunning grand pianos sounds, the DG30 digital piano delivers a piano playing experience that is authentic and inspiring while bringing beauty and elegance to any home. The DG30 digital grand piano will be available in authorized Kawai dealer showrooms in North America later this summer.

For more information about the new Kawai DG30 digital grand piano, visit https://kawaius.com/product/dg30/


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