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How to Sell Your Piano

by Steve Cohen and Piano Buyer staff

Selling a used piano can be a challenge: Since the Recession, used pianos at all price levels have plummeted in value. Used pianos for sale far outnumber shoppers to buy them, making it a buyer’s market. Several conditions—some inherent to used-piano sales and some specific to current times—have tended to increase supply and/or drive down the prices of used pianos.”   MORE

Piano Tuning: An Introduction

by Sally Phillips

To the uninitiated, tuning a piano may seem a simple, straightforward procedure, but it isn’t. The process is complicated by the sheer number of strings and tuning pins (more than 200 of each, the exact number varying with the model), by the high tension under which the strings are stretched, by the tightness with which the tuning pins are anchored in the pinblock, and by the friction points over which the taut strings must slide as they’re being tuned. All of these factors are obstacles not only to tuning, but also to creating a tuning that will be stable for a reasonable length of time, given the piano’s use and environment.”   MORE

Review: Steingraeber & Söhne
The Quiet Innovations of an Iconic Piano Maker

by Hugh Sung

It’s refreshing to see that the spirit of innovation is still alive and well within the piano industry. … It’s also gratifying to see technical innovation in the direction of softer sonorities, rather than always toward the louder and more powerful. The further exploration of quiet spaces made possible by such innovations may itself be a wonderful artistic antidote to the noise and bustle of our modern lives.   MORE

Review: Roland FP-90

by Stephen Fortner

Given the FP-90’s powerful built-in speaker system and minimalist user interface, it’s clear that Roland is aiming their latest FP model at musicians who’d prefer that any gee-whiz technologies get out of their way and let them play. However, far from being a Luddite design, the FP-90 also uses Bluetooth to stream audio and connect to useful mobile apps.   MORE


by Perri Knise

Over the many months I searched for a piano — and the years I struggled to reclaim the sound of the piano I eventually bought — I made a challenging discovery: the piano is not just a machine. It is a living, breathing entity.   MORE ...



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