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New Art Collection Model from Schimmel Pianos: The Black Pearl

One of the strengths of Schimmel Pianos is the outstanding designs of grand and upright pianos. Since the company was founded, Schimmel Pianos has always introduced new ideas. Unusual designs, such as the legendary glass grand piano or the Pegasus grand piano, have become icons of piano designs. But even the less extravagant models receive special attention, not only for their musical qualities but also when it comes to their appearance. In the 1950s, for example, Arno Schimmel set the trend for many decades with his interpretation of the so-called Scandinavian Design, which set a trend in the piano industry for decades.

Newer design features, such as continuous consoles and height-adjustable gliders, characterize the design line at Schimmel in such a way that they have received numerous design awards.

The latest innovation at Schimmel is a matt surface design with an innovative piano lacquer, which not only gives an instrument a velvety soft appearance but also has practical advantages over conventional matt lacquers.

The process is similar to the process of a traditional glossy piano finish. The cabinet parts of the instruments are elaborately primed and sanded by hand before the paint is used so that the shape of the individual parts is given a perfect appearance. The last coat of paint then consists of the innovative piano lacquer.

While conventional matt lacquers get slightly shiny spots in daily use or get small scratches very easily over time, the new piano lacquer "black super matt" is extremely robust and durable. In contrast, it looks soft and velvety and is also very pleasant to touch. This turns the instrument into an all-around sensory experience.

The new Art Collection grand piano C 169 "Black Pearl“ by Schimmel Pianos combines a perfect harmony between shape and surface. The entire interior and exterior of the instrument, including the cast-iron plate, has been finished with the new piano lacquer, giving it the appearance of being cast in one piece. In addition, Schimmel has chosen a combination with shiny chrome fittings, which creates a special tension in contrast to the black matt surface: small and fine, with a rare and noble appearance. The design is reminiscent of a rare black pearl, also known as a Tahitian Pearl. This is why this unique model was named "Black Pearl."

About Schimmel Pianos

Schimmel is a German premium manufacturer of grand and upright pianos with its headquarters in Braunschweig. Since 1885 the company has produced high-quality pianoforte instruments of excellent international reputation. Schimmel instruments are the most highly awarded and most frequently played pianos of German production.

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