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Keybird Instruments ApS
Arnold Nielsens Boulevard

130, 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark
+45 60533151

Keybird Instruments ApS has been developing a lightweight acoustic piano since 2019. The first model, the Keybird X1, which became available on the market in 2023, is designed for transportability in normal cars by reducing the number of keys rather than reducing the string length. The X1 is an instrument designed for compact spaces such as urban appartments and also for small venues which do not normally have an acoustic instrument available. The X1 has 69 keys which use full-size key dimensions and give the instrument a total width of 1 meter (or 40''). The total weight is 130 lbs, and the instrument can be transported in two parts, the heaviest of which is 90 lbs.

Two other models are currently in development: an 88-key version (Keybird F1) and a four-octave version (Keybird L1). Designed in Denmark, Keybird's aesthetic is inspired by the "Form Follows Function" philosophy. It shows the beautiful string patterns and functional shapes of the inside of the piano, which are usually hidden in traditional acoustic pianos. In addition to reducing overall size, the absence of nonfunctional case parts also eliminates excess weight.

Keybird sells worldwide, direct-to-consumer. Retailing at $3,450 plus shipping, tax, and duty, their aim is to offer instruments at the most affordable price possible to fulfill their mission of making the acoustic piano more accessible.

We like to think that we have created an intimate acoustic piano for those who value acoustic sound and would otherwise buy a digital piano because of practical reasons such as price, size, weight, service requirements, and headphone options.


-Lander Pinson, Keybird Founder

Keybird requires minimal maintenance and can be tuned by almost everyone who owns a smartphone. Keyboards are designed with only one string per note (as opposed to the traditional two and three strings on a full-size piano), which, in addition to reducing the overall volume, also removes the complexity of the tuning process. Although they recommend the acoustic-only option, an optional silent system upgrade is available. Keybirds are equipped with Midi implementation and can be connected to sound modules (in the current Midi system, the sound is already included) to play silent late evenings, combining the best of digital and acoustic instruments.

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