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Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

See the Introduction for an explanation of pricing.

The Definitive Piano Buying Guide for

Buying New, Used, and Restored Acoustic Pianos and Digital Pianos

Spring 2017 Edition


ModelFeetInchesDescriptionMSRP* SMP*
Models beginning with “B” say only “Bechstein” on the fallboard. Others say “C. Bechstein.”
Bechstein Verticals
B112 Modern44Polished Ebony23,848
B112 Modern44Polished White26,620
B112 Chrome Art44Polished Ebony26,560
B112 Chrome Art44Polished White29,120
B116 Accent45.5Polished Ebony26,180
B116 Accent45.5Polished White28,910
B116 Compact45.5Polished Ebony26,180
B116 Compact45.5Polished White28,910
B116 Compact45.5Satin and Polished Walnut/Mahogany/Cherry31,198
B120 Select47.5Polished Ebony27,754
B120 Select47.5Polished White30,526
B124 Imposant49Polished Ebony28,448
B124 Imposant49Polished White30,274
B124 Style49.5Polished Ebony29,624
B124 Style49.5Polished White32,354
B124 Style49.5Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut/Cherry34,642
C. Bechstein Verticals
Millenium 116K46Polished Ebony30,926
Millenium 116K46Polished White35,168
Classic 11846.5Polished Ebony32,836
Classic 11846.5Polished White37,100
Classic 11846.5Satin and Polished Walnut/Mahogany/Cherry37,100
Contour 11846.5Polished Ebony32,836
Contour 11846.5Polished White37,100
Contour 11846.5Satin and Polished Walnut/Mahogany/Cherry37,100
Classic 12449Polished Ebony42,412
Classic 12449Polished White47,726
Classic 12449Satin and Polished Walnut/Mahogany/Cherry47,726
Elegance 12449Polished Ebony42,412
Elegance 12449Polished White47,726
Elegance 12449Satin and Polished Walnut/Mahogany/Cherry
Concert 851.5Polished Ebony70,070
Concert 851.5Polished White78,574
Concert 851.5Satin and Polished Walnut/Mahogany/Cherry
Concert 851.5Satin and Polished Burl Walnut/Vavona
Bechstein Grands
B16053Polished Ebony66,332
B16053Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut83,972
B16053Polished White79,708
B17559Polished Ebony71,644
B17559Satin and Polished Walnut/Mahogany89,704
B17559Polished White85,462
B19063Polished Ebony76,958
B19063Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut97,138
B19063Polished White92,896
B20868Polished Ebony84,182
B20868Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut102,472
B20868Polished White98,210
B22875Polished Ebony95,458
B22875Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut119,462
B22875Polished White110,978
C. Bechstein Grands
L16756Polished Ebony119,546
L16756Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut/Cherry142,100
L16756Polished White142,100
M/P19264Polished Ebony139,538
M/P19264Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut/Cherry162,070
M/P19264Polished White162,070
B212611Polished Ebony172,508
B212611Polished White197,372
C23477Polished Ebony210,328
C23477Polished White249,242
D28292Polished Ebony268,372
D28292Polished White317,260