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Steinway & Sons

Model: M

Serial: 330953

Year: 1950

Location: Austin, Texas

Description: For sale: a well-preserved Steinway in very good condition, both mechanically and cosmetically. Includes matching bench.

Steinway & Sons built this piano before the years when teflon bushings started to compromise quality. The soundboard, bridge, cast iron plate, and other stationary components show no damage. The pedals and moving components all work very well. The piano produces a beautiful, well-rounded tone typical of Steinways from this era.

Cosmetically, the piano has a full set of ivory keys. The case has few noticeable scratches to the varnish, and no damage to the mahogany wood. The piano still shines beautifully after safekeeping by one family since approximately 1990 (and only one other prior owner).

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