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Nicolas Lessard


Piano Technique Montréal

Nicolas Lessard, an accomplished symphonic double bassist turned piano technician, co-leads Piano Technique Montréal alongside founder Allan Sutton, a master in piano performance from Université de Montréal. « Our approach is deeply rooted in the art of listening – to our clients, to the subtle nuances of sound, and to the tactile sensations of each piano ». Nicolas's transition from orchestral music to piano technology brings a unique sensitivity to sound quality, perfectly complementing Allan's extensive expertise in piano mechanics and acoustics. Together, they foster an environment where the joy of playing is enhanced by a blend of technical precision and emotional resonance. Louise Paradis, with her coordination skills and musical background, further enriches their team, ensuring a comprehensive service experience that celebrates the multifaceted pleasure of piano playing.

Certifications/Professional Memberships:


Registered Piano Technician, Certified Piano Life Saver System Installer


Tuning, Regulation, Repair, Harmonization
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