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Model: CSP-170

Serial: UCAP01016

Year: 2020

Location: Greenville, South Carolina

Description: This is a wonderful smart piano. I hate to sell it but I am moving out of the country and cannot take it with me. This piano functions much like a regular piano, but when you connect an iPad to it with the Smart Piano app (free), then it becomes a piano that will teach you piano, has sheet music in it, and will play the songs or part of them, allowing you to play the other part. It has light on it to indicate where to play and it will wait for you if you are not there. Truly an awesome piano.

You have always dreamed of learning to play your favorite songs. This top-of-the-line digital piano will teach you how to play your music, your way.

The Clavinova CSP-170 teaches anyone how to play their favorite songs, right out of their music library. Stream Lights, exclusive to the CSP, move towards each key showing users which notes to play and when to play them. Users can adjust the speed at which they're learning, as well as the difficulty of the piano arrangement as they improve.

Smart Pianist features an "Audio To Score" function that automatically creates a piano accompaniment score from songs on your smart device, allowing you to enjoy playing along with your favorite tunes. Audio to Score uses songs saved on your smart device. Music accessed via subscription services is not compatible with this feature.

*Audio to Score feature is exclusive to Clavinova CSP.

Enjoy accompaniment from a dynamic backing band, even when you’re playing by yourself. The accompaniment provides a wide variety of patterns across a range of genres to match your performance. You can also connect a microphone and sing along with harmony functions that allow you to automatically create a chorus backup for your performances, even when you’re singing alone.

When you want to play more than just piano
One of the defining features of a CSP Clavinova is the multitude of different Styles that can be controlled in real-time by playing chords on the keyboard. Accompaniment Styles introduce ensembles of virtual musicians to your performances in a variety of musical genres. From small jazz ensembles to full orchestras, you control what chords or harmony they play by what you play, plus you control the dynamic of the ensemble. Developed by professional session musicians from around the world, Styles add authentic, studio-quality backing players to your performances - even when you play by yourself.

There is MUCH more that this piano does and it can be found on the Yamaha website, as well as many YouTube videos demonstrating it.

A truly wonderful Christmas gift!

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