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Steinway & Sons

Model: M Spirio

Serial: 609XXX

Year: 2018

Location: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Description: For sale is an all-original 2018 Steinway & Sons Model M SPIRIO in beautiful Ebony Polish. This is a first generation SPIRIO 'play' - a.k.a. - the “SPIRIO Silver” or "SPIRIO Classic" version. If you are reading at this ad, then you know what this is. Condition is a solid ‘8.5 - 9’ out of 10, with 10 being ‘out-of-the-crate’ dealer-showroom new. I am an experienced classical concert pianist and can attest that it plays wonderfully as a late-model Steinway M should and does, in addition to the incomparable 4,000+ song SPIRIO performances.

Tonally speaking, this Model M possesses the classic Steinway lyrical mid-section, an unusually crystalline-clear top end (for a Model M), and solid mildly-resonant bass section. It has been consistently maintained solely by a Steinway SPIRIO-trained tech multiple times each year. Please note - the Serial # has been partially disclosed in this ad posting for the purposes of your personal protection against fraudsters and/or corporate meddlers.

3 additional upgrades:
- Steinway & Sons Duet-concert size adjustable bench. (by Jansen)
- Recent and fully-functioning Version 9.0 iPad upgrade/replacement with plenty of memory - used exclusively and ONLY for this SPIRIO system operation.
- New, fitted, highly durable black macintosh cloth piano cover with soft padded inner lining and fold-back side-slits, complete with Steinway & Sons embroidered logo. (by American Piano Covers).

Sold By:
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