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Steinway & Sons

Model: B

Serial: 564825

Year: 2002

Location: Duluth, Minnesota

Description: This beautiful B Grand, signed by Henry Z Steinway and Steinway's head concert technician Franz Mohr, is in excellent condition, all original, and well-maintained. Please see detailed description in the pictured appraisal. Piano use has been light, and this is reflected in the flawless key tops, negligible hammer wear, lack of scratches, and pedals in new condition. Soundboard and bridges are intact. The action is smooth and responsive, and the sound is spacious, clear and full. PianoDisc system is installed. The Jansen bench is in perfect condition. Cabinet has 3 blemishes from sun-exposure on the backside. Appraiser noted these would repair easily with spot spraying. I am happy to share further detailed photos.

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