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Steinway & Sons

Model: B

Serial: 40415

Year: 1878

Location: Burlingame, California

Restored in 2016. New Steinway hammers, shanks, flanges, whippens and damper felt. Fully regulated. Original soundboard and bridges. Soundboard exhibits acceptable crown, which is unusual for a piano of this age and reflects the care this piano has received over its lifetime. Bridges and bridge pins show no cracks. Plate has been re-gilded. New strings and wires with new tuning pins. Pin block is original. Pins are tight across the entire compass. Tuning stability is excellent. The case has been refinished to the original satin ebony with new or re-plated nickel case hardware. Ivory keytops have been replaced. Sharps are original ebony and have been re-finished. This piano has been regulated and voiced to a high standard. The bass is warm and rich with a clear, lyrical mid-range and treble. Excellent dynamic range. Soft, controllable pianissimo with all the Steinway power and tonal complexity at fortissimo. The origin of the Model B dates to 1871 with the development of the Steinway 85-note Style 1 grand piano. Modified and renamed the Model B in 1878, it has enjoyed unrivaled renown as a performance instrument in countless venues from the teaching studio to the recording studio, and the concert hall to the home. Today the Model B represents the second largest concert grand piano handcrafted at the Steinway factory in New York City. Greg White Da Capo Piano Service Belmont CA (408)981-2778

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