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Steinway & Sons

Model: B

Serial: 186577

Year: 1917

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Description: Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano. At 6’ 11” Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano is a full grand, and the second largest piano made by Steinway. After model D, the concert grand, model B proves to be one of the worlds most professional instruments. Used by professional and concert musicians, recording studios, and others, Steinway B is an immaculate piano. Large, excellent sound, perfect action and control, amazing quality and durability. This specific piano was made in 1917, and just had been completely rebuilt with the best parts in the world. It is like a brand new Steinway. New soundboard, strings, pinblock, and refinished case give this piano an unmistaken new feeling. Today, new Steinway Model B piano costs close to $135,000. While that is a lot of money, it’s popularity shows how exceptional this instrument is. This used model is not cheap, but as always we stand by our goal to provide people excellent pianos at most possibly affordable price.

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