Steinway & Sons

Model: S

Serial: 290880

Year: 1937

Location: Indian Harbour Beach, Florida

This 5’1” piano with a Steinway “ebonized” finish is in excellent condition for its age. The condition of the bridges and soundboard are notable. I see no evidence of cracking anywhere. The bridge pins are tight and the tone is resonant and solid - quite unusual for a piano this size. The original finish is good condition, but there are a few inevitable scratches and marks one would expect from 74 years of exposure.
The piano is mostly original, though the keytops have been replaced at some point. So have, I believe, the hammers. The hammers have significant life in them and will stand up to future voicing and filing. There are some issues with a couple of loose tuning pins, and a slightly sluggish action from lack of use. The piano is also quite bright and should be voiced down.

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