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Schimmel Vogel

Model: 177

Serial: 10.357

Year: 2002

Location: Chula Vista, California

Description: Vogel 177 by Schimmel Baby Grand Piano
The Vogel is in immaculate condition, the cabinet is stunning, it is a limited edition with special design in mahogany polish finish, with fluted legs and designer music rack. The piano is hardly used, the action responds to lightest touch and very easy to play, it has deep and roaring bass with clarity in the treble.
The piano also includes a professionally installed PianoDisc CD Player which uses electro-mechanical solenoids to control the movement, velocity, and duration of the piano's keys and pedals, allowing it to play live piano music at the touch of a button.
Piano Includes:
* Matching designer bench
* Professional PianoDisc Music CDs

Sold By:
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