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Mason & Hamlin

Model: A

Serial: 91559

Year: 2006

Richmond Hill, Ontario

2006 Mason & Hamlin Model A with a PianoDisc PDS-228CFX System and mute bar The Model A is widely considered to be the world’s best grand piano under 6 feet. Although it’s Mason & Hamlin’s smallest grand piano, the Model A has an enormous volume and tone that are comparable to instruments of much greater size. With Mason & Hamlin’s patented Tension Resonator and other design innovations, the Model A is perfect for professional studios, conservatories and other institutions, yet just as suitable for the home.
The PianoDisc system is great for entertaining guests at your home or office. It basically has the piano play music of your choice and the keys move as if a real person was playing it! Over 100 CD’s included for PianoDisc System One Owner - Original Owners Kit included
Excellent Condition – Like New - with very little use Tuned regularly.
January 2023 Appraisal Available - Quote from Appraisal " In our opinion this piano, with the PianoDisc system installed, has a current private market value of approximately $30,000 CAD. A used piano of this caliber would retail for $60,000 CAD, and a new Mason and Hamlin model ‘A’ in satin ebony retails for $98,000 USD."

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