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AB Chase

Serial: 46420

Year: 1903

Location: Denver, Colorado

Description: Beautiful looking, playing and sounding 1903 6'1" Grand. Well maintained and played by two piano-major kids (the one at Berkelee is in the video). Pictures can't capture how deep and complex the color is. This piano has been tuned and maintained regularly. Has a beautiful 3-D sound to the highest and lowest notes. Just sings and can be played comfortably for hours. A few dings as could be expect for a 1903 piano. Assessed at $8000. From the web "A.B. Chase Piano Company was stabled in 1875, the original factory was located at 16 Main Street, Norwalk Ohio. The firm was quite successful and expand operations to New York City. A.B. Chase offered a large selection of upright pianos, grand pianos and player pianos and their instruments were known to be of Superior quality. A.B. Chase truly built some incredible paints, and their instruments are considered very desirable by musicians and piano technicans alike"

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