Someone is giving away a piano for free. Should I take it? Why would someone give away a piano?

I suppose one might give away a piano that is no longer needed if it has minimal monetary value, as a philanthropic act, or if the owner is moving and doesn’t want to pay the cost of moving the piano. If the piano is not worth much because it needs a lot of work, and the owner doesn’t want to spend the money to have the work done, he or she might feel that the only way to get rid of the piano is to give it away — and let the buyer pay for the moving and repair. So buyer beware, and be sure to have the piano inspected by a piano technician before agreeing to take it. Keep in mind that a “free” piano is not really free. You have to pay to have it moved, tuned, and repaired, and, if it turns out to be junk, to dispose of it. Free pianos can be great deals — or they can turn out to be very expensive. You can avoid much trouble and unpleasant surprises by having the piano professionally inspected before agreeing to take it.

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