Should I buy a floor sample or insist that a new piano be delivered in its original box?

Believe it or not, the floor sample is usually the better choice. Pianos need to be prepared for use before delivery. This includes removal of external and internal packing materials, tuning, and making any adjustments needed to be sure the tone and touch are uniform throughout the keyboard. Since they are relied on to promote sales, floor samples need to sound good. They often receive more attention than non-floor samples prepared for delivery. They usually are tuned several times and tweaked to bring out their best performance. In addition, individual instruments, even of the same brand and model, often sound and feel slightly different. To avoid an unpleasant surprise, purchasing the actual piano you evaluated, even though it is a floor sample, is much recommended over having a different instrument delivered in its original box. If the floor sample has incurred a few small scratches or dings to its cabinet, the dealership can easily repair these for you before delivery.

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