Including Eisenberg

Worldwide Headquarters
Thüringer Pianoforte GmbH
Mozartstrasse 3, 07607 Eisenberg, Germany
Authorized Distributor in North America
Piano Marketing Group Inc.
3227 Natoma Way
Orlando, Florida 32825

Pianos made by: Thüringer Pianoforte GmbH, Eisenberg, Germany; and Parsons Music Ltd., China.

This company, formerly known as Wilh. Steinberg Pianofortefabrik, was formed after the reunification of Germany by the merger of several East German piano companies, the oldest of which traces its origins back to 1877. Since July 2013, the company has been owned by Parsons Music Ltd., a Hong Kong–based piano manufacturer. In addition to its own pianos, Thüringer Pianoforte makes several other European piano brands under OEM agreements. The company also specializes in custom cabinets and finishes. Piano production is about 500 verticals and 50 grands per year.

Wilh. Steinberg pianos are made in two levels of quality. The higher-quality level is the Signature series. These pianos are made in Germany with actions by Renner and keyboards by Kluge. Cabinets for the verticals are made by Thüringer Pianoforte in its own facilities; grand cabinets are supplied by Parsons Music. “Amadeus” and “Passione” are Signature series models that have special cabinet styles.

The lower-cost models, known as the Performance series (model numbers beginning with P), were formerly made under the Eisenberg brand name, a name no longer in use. Performance series models are entirely made by Parsons Music in China using Thüringer designs.

Warranty: 5 years, parts and labor, to original purchaser.

Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

* See the Introduction for an explanation of pricing.

Model Feet Inches Description MSRP* SMP*
Steinberg, Wilh. Performance Series Verticals
P118 45.5 Polished Ebony 9,350 7,233
P118 45.5 Polished White 10,670 8,113
P118C 45.5 Polished Ebony w/Chrome Hardware 9,525 7,350
P118C 45.5 Polished White w/Chrome Hardware 10,845 8,230
P121 47.5 Polished Ebony 10,670 8,113
P121 47.5 Polished White 12,165 9,110
P125E 49.5 Polished Ebony 12,750 9,500
P125EC 49.5 Polished Ebony w/Chrome Hardware 12,930 9,620
Steinberg, Wilh. Signature Series Verticals
S125 49 Polished Ebony 36,210 25,140
S125 49 Polished White 39,270 27,180
S125 49 Satin Mahogany/Walnut 39,615 27,410
S125 49 Polished Alder 40,815 28,210
S130 51 Polished Ebony 42,780 29,520
S130 51 Polished White 46,170 31,780
S130 51 Satin Mahogany/Walnut 46,515 32,010
S130 51 Polished Alder 48,030 33,020
Steinberg, Wilh. Performance Series Grands
P152 5 0 Polished Ebony 24,360 17,240
P152 5 0 Polished White 26,880 18,920
P165 5 5 Polished Ebony 28,690 20,127
P165 5 5 Polished White 31,210 21,807
P178 5 10 Polished Ebony 39,420 27,280
Steinberg, Wilh. Signature Series Grands
S188 6 2 Polished Ebony 91,710 62,140
S212 6 11 Polished Ebony 101,940 68,960

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