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Pianos made by: Schulze Pollmann Pianoforti s.r.l., Borgo Maggiore, San Marino

Schulze Pollmann was formed in 1928 by the merger of two German piano builders who had moved to Italy. Paul Pollmann had worked first with Ibach, then with Steinway & Sons (Hamburg), before opening his own piano factory in Germany. He later moved to Italy, where he met Albert Schulze, another relocated German piano builder. Pollmann managed the combined firms until 1942, and was followed by his son Hans, who had managed the piano maker Schimmel before returning to his father’s firm. Recently, the company relocated a short distance to San Marino, a tiny city-state entirely surrounded by Italy.

In North America, Schulze Pollmann offers three series of pianos: Masterpiece (grands), Academy (verticals), and Studio (verticals and grands). The Masterpiece Series pianos, available only by special order, are made entirely in Italy and San Marino, and contain Delignit pinblocks, Renner actions and hammers from Germany, and Ciresa solid red-spruce soundboards from the Val di Fiemme, in Italy. The Academy Series, also made in Italy, uses Renner hammers and Ciresa soundboards, and has the same level of cabinetry as the Masterpiece Series. The company uses both sophisticated technology and handwork in its manufacturing. All soundboards have finger-jointed construction to optimize stability and prevent cracking. Many of the cabinets have beautiful designs and inlays. The Studio series is partially made in Asia and finished off, including deluxe cabinetwork, in San Marino.

The uprights are well built and have a warm, colorful sound with a good amount of sustain. The treble is not nearly as brittle sounding as in some other European uprights. Schulze Pollmann grands are likewise very nicely crafted and arrive at the dealer in good condition, needing only solid preparation to sound their best.

In 2005, Italian auto manufacturer Ferrari Motor Car selected Schulze Pollmann as a partner in the launch of its new Ferrari 612 Scaglietti series of automobiles. For the occasion, Schulze Pollmann crafted a limited-edition version of its 6′ 7″ model 197/G5 grand piano, still available, with a case that sports Ferrari’s racing red and a cast-iron plate in Ferrari gray carbon, the same color as the Scaglietti’s engine. The car and the piano have been exhibited together in cities around the world.

Warranty: 10 years, parts and labor.

Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

* See the Introduction for an explanation of pricing.

Model Feet Inches Description MSRP* SMP*
Schulze Pollmann Studio Series Verticals
SU118A 46 Polished Peacock Ebony 15,995 9,490
SU118A 46 Polished Peacock Mahogany/Walnut 16,995 10,090
SU122A 48 Polished Peacock Ebony 18,995 10,890
SU122A 48 Polished Peacock Mahogany/Walnut 19,995 11,490
SU122A 48 Polished Feather Mahogany 20,995 12,090
SU132A 52 Polished Peacock Ebony 23,995 13,490
Schulze Pollmann Academy Series Verticals
A-125E 50 Polished Ebony 26,995 14,890
A-125E 50 Polished Peacock Ebony 27,995 15,490
A-125E 50 Polished Peacock Mahogany 30,995 17,490
A-125E 50 Polished Peacock Walnut 31,995 18,090
A-125E 50 Polished Feather Mahogany 33,995 18,090
Schulze Pollmann Studio Series Grands
S148 4 10 Polished Ebony 18,995 18,490
SU148 4 10 Polished Peacock Ebony/Feather Mahogany 19,995 19,490
S160 5 3 Polished Ebony 21,995 20,090
SU160 5 3 Polished Peacock Ebony/Feather Mahogany 22,995 21,090
S172A 5 8 Polished Ebony 24,995 22,490
SU172A 5 8 Polished Peacock Ebony/Feather Mahogany 25,995 23,490
S187A 6 2 Polished Ebony 27,995 25,490
SU187A 6 2 Polished Peacock Ebony/Feather Mahogany 28,995 27,490
Schulze Pollmann Masterpiece Series Grands
160/GK 5 3 Polished Ebony (spade leg) 55,995 55,995
160/GK 5 3 Polished Briar Mahogany (spade leg) 59,995 59,995
160/GK 5 3 Polished Feather Mahogany (spade leg) 63,995 63,995
197/G5 6 6 Polished Ebony (spade leg) 77,995 76,990
197/G5 6 6 Polished Briar Mahogany (spade leg) 80,995 80,995
197/G5 6 6 Polished Feather Mahogany (spade leg) 84,995 84,995

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