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Heintzman Distributor Ltd.
1-12351 Bridgeport Road
Richmond, British Columbia V6V 1J4
U.S.: 303-765-5775
Canada: 604-801-5393
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Pianos made by: Heintzman Piano Company, Ltd., Beijing, China

Heintzman & Co. Ltd. was founded by Theodore August Heintzman in Toronto in 1866. By 1900, Heintzman was one of Toronto’s larger manufacturing concerns, building 3,000 pianos per year and selling them throughout Canada and abroad through a network of company stores and other distributors. The pianos received high praise and won prizes at exhibitions. Even today, technicians frequently encounter old Heintzman pianos built in the early part of the 20th century and consider them to be of high quality. In the latter decades of the century, Heintzman, like other North American brands, struggled to compete with cheaper foreign imports. The factory finally closed its doors in 1986 and relocated to China. (For a few years thereafter, some pianos continued to be sold in Canada under the Heintzman and Gerhard Heintzman names.) At first the company was a joint venture with the Beijing Hsinghai Piano Group (see Beijing Hsinghai), but when the Chinese government began allowing foreign ownership of manufacturing concerns, the Canadian partner bought back majority ownership and took control.

The new company, known as Heintzman Piano Company, Ltd., is Canadian owned and managed and has a private, independent factory dedicated to producing Heintzman-brand pianos. Heintzman makes pianos to the original Canadian Heintzman designs and scales using some of the equipment from Canada. James Moffat, plant manager of the Canadian Heintzman factory for 40 years, has been retained as a consultant and visits the factory in China several times a year. The company even uses some components from Canada, such as Bolduc soundboards, in grands and larger verticals. The factory makes about 5,000 pianos per year.

The smallest vertical made under the Heintzman name is 43½" tall, but pianos for export to North America typically start at 48" and contain a mixture of Chinese and imported parts, such as pinblocks and treble strings from Germany and Mapes bass strings from the U.S. Verticals 48½" and taller use Renner Blue or Abel Blue hammers, and the largest two sizes have Canadian Bolduc soundboards of solid Eastern white spruce. All verticals 50" and taller have a middle pedal that operates a bass-sustain mechanism, as well as a Silent Switch that operates a mute bar for silent practice.

The grands — 5', 5' 6", 6' 1", 6' 8", and 9' long — also use German pinblocks and strings, Mapes bass strings, Renner Blue or Abel Blue hammers, and Canadian Bolduc or German Strunz soundboards of solid spruce.. The 9' concert grand comes with a full Renner action and Kluge keys from Germany. A Renner action is a higher-priced option on the other models. All grands come with a sostenuto pedal. A 6' 1" model patterned on the old Heintzman model D was introduced in 2007.

New in 2013, and aimed at a slightly more upscale audience, is the Royal series of verticals and grands, with two-tone cabinet trim and inlays on the inside of the lid, as well as a Bolduc or Strunz soundboard, Abel or Renner Blue hammers, and Mapes bass strings.

HHeintzman Piano Company also makes the slightly less expensive Gerhard Heintzman brand. This line uses less expensive materials and components, such as Japanese hammers and a veneer-laminated spruce soundboard in the verticals (a Bolduc soundboard in some of the grands). The polished ebony grands have a silver plate and trim.

Warranty: Heintzman and Gerhard Heintzman — 10 years, parts and labor, from the factory, transferable to future owners within the warranty period.

Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

* See the Introduction for an explanation of pricing.

Warning: Accuracy of SMP uncertain; see here.

Model Feet Inches Description MSRP* SMP*
Heintzman & Co. Verticals
121DL 48 Satin Mahogany 7,995 7,380
123B 48.5 Polished Mahogany 8,795 7,580
123F 48.5 French Provincial Polished Mahogany 7,995 6,980
126C 50 Polished Ebony 8,795 7,600
126 Royal 50 Polished Ebony 9,795 8,200
132D 52 Polished Mahogany, Decorative Panel 11,795 8,980
132E 52 French Provincial Polished Ebony 11,795 8,780
132E 52 French Provincial Satin and Polished Mahogany 11,795 8,980
132 Royal 52 Satin Mahogany 12,795 9,580
140CK 55 Polished Mahogany 14,995 10,980
Heintzman, Gerhard Verticals
G118 47 Polished Ebony w/Silver Plate and Trim 4,995 4,995
G118 47 Polished Mahogany w/Silver Plate and Trim 5,195 5,195
G120 48 Polished Ebony w/Silver Plate and Trim 5,995 5,700
G120 48 Polished Mahogany w/Silver Plate and Trim 6,195 5,900
G126 50 Polished Ebony w/Silver Plate and Trim 7,995 6,400
G126 50 Polished Mahogany w/Silver Plate and Trim 8,195 6,600
G132 52 Polished Ebony w/Silver Plate and Trim 9,295 7,200
Heintzman & Co. Grands
168 5 6 Polished Ebony 18,995 16,990
168 5 6 Polished Mahogany 19,995 17,390
168 Royal 5 6 Polished Ebony 23,995 17,990
186 6 1 Polished Ebony 21,995 18,980
186 6 1 Polished Mahogany 22,995 20,180
186 Royal 6 1 Polished Ebony 26,995 19,980
203 6 8 Polished Ebony 24,995 20,580
203 Royal 6 8 Polished Ebony 29,995 21,580
277 9 0 Polished Ebony 89,995 60,995
Heintzman, Gerhard Grands
G152 5 0 Polished Ebony 9,995 9,995
G152 5 0 Polished White 11,995 11,995
G152R 5 0 Empire Polished Mahogany 11,995 11,995
G168 5 6 Polished Ebony 15,995 12,800
G168 5 6 Polished White 19,995 13,800
G168R 5 6 Empire Polished Mahogany 17,995 13,800

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