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Pianos made by: Pearl River

In the late 1980s, Darrell Fandrich, RPT, an engineer, pianist, and piano technician, developed a vertical piano action designed to play like a grand, for which 10 patents were issued. In July 2013, a new patent application was filed in the U.S. (along with an application for future international patents) on an improved version of the action. The improvement features use of a grand-piano knuckle, and results in improved touch and repetition, and the feel of aftertouch at the bottom of the keystroke.

You can see an illustration of the original Fandrich Vertical Action™, an explanation of how it works, and some history of its development in the third and fourth editions of The Piano Book and on the Fandrich & Sons website. Since 1994, Fandrich and his wife, Heather, have installed Renner-made Fandrich actions in selected new pianos, selling them under the Fandrich & Sons label. They also have sold some grands (with regular grand actions) under that name. Sadly, Darrell Fandrich passed away in 2019. His wife, and son Steffan, continue to produce and sell Fandrich & Sons pianos.

Over the years, the Fandrichs have installed their Fandrich Vertical Action in over 400 instruments, including ones from Bohemia, Feurich, Klima, Pearl River, Wilh. Steinberg, and Steingraeber. At present, the action is being installed in 52″ Pearl River uprights featuring Lothar Thomma scale designs (under the Fandrich & Sons label). The converted pianos are available directly from the Fandrichs.

Playing a piano outfitted with a Fandrich Vertical Action is a very interesting experience. The action easily outperforms that of most other vertical pianos on the market, and some grands as well. The Fandrichs have now had 30 years of experience in refining and servicing the action, and reports suggest that customers are very satisfied with them.

Fandrich & Sons grand pianos are manufactured in China by the Pearl River Piano Group. These pianos feature Lothar Thomma scale designs, and are remanufactured at the Fandrich & Sons facility in Stanwood, Washington. The company offers four sizes of grand piano — models 160 (5′ 3″), 170 (5′ 7″), 188 (6′ 2″ by special order), and 212 (7′) — in two configurations: Standard (S) and Enhanced (E), the latter with Heller bass strings from Germany and/or Abel hammers, depending on customer preference. The tone of the S model is said to be powerful, dark, and sonorous; the E model, in contrast, is more brilliant and transparent. All models feature precision touchweighting using the Fandrich-Rhodes Weightbench™ system, which enables precise control of action inertia as well as traditional up- and downweight; and a very extensive high-end preparation.

For those who wish a better musical experience at a lower cost, the Fandrichs also sell two vertical piano models with traditional actions that also receive the same high-end musical preparation as the more expensive models. The 46″ model 118S and the 48″ model 122 (by special order) are designed by Lothar Thomma and built by Pearl River. All Fandrich & Sons pianos come with a matching bench.

The Fandrichs are passionate about their craft and choose the brands they work with carefully for musical potential. In addition to making standard modifications and refinements to remedy perceived shortcomings in the original Chinese-made instruments, the Fandrichs are inveterate tinkerers always searching for ways to make additional improvements, however subtle. As a result, many who play the pianos find them to be considerably more musical than their price and origin would suggest.

Warranty: 12 years, parts and labor, to original purchaser.

Note: Do not confuse the Fandrich & Sons pianos with the 48″ Fandrich upright that was once manufactured with a Fandrich Vertical Action by Darrell Fandrich’s brother, Delwin Fandrich. That piano has not been made since 1994.

Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

* See the Introduction for an explanation of pricing.

These are the prices on the Fandrich & Sons website. Other finishes available at additional cost. See website for details.

Model Feet Inches Description MSRP* SMP*
Fandrich & Sons Verticals
EU118S 46 Polished Ebony 5,790 5,790
EU131V 52 Polished Ebony 12,990 12,990
Fandrich & Sons Grands
160-S 5 3 Polished Ebony 14,650 14,650
170-S 5 7 Polished Ebony 16,995 16,995
188-S 6 2 Polished Ebony 19,950 19,950
212-E 7 0 Polished Ebony 32,650 32,650

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