Cunningham Piano Company
198 Allendale Road
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania 19406

Pianos made by: Ningbo Hailun Musical Instruments Co. Ltd., Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China; with Cunningham Piano Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cunningham Piano Company began manufacturing pianos in 1891 and, in its time, was the largest piano maker in Philadelphia. The original Cunningham factory ceased production in December 1943. The company was reopened in December 1945 as a piano rebuilder and retailer. Today, Cunningham specializes in the restoration of high-quality American and European pianos, and produces the new Matchless Cunningham.

Designed by Frank Emerson, the Matchless Cunningham is based on the original Cunningham scale designs. “Matchless” is used in reference to an offer made by Patrick Cunningham over a century ago: that he would pay $10,000 to anyone who could build a better piano. Because no one ever took him up on his offer, Cunningham labeled his piano the Matchless. Today, Matchless also refers to a unique combination of high-quality parts and a successful American scale design, assembled in China at the world-class Hailun factory, and with quality control overseen by Cunningham in Philadelphia. The line consists of grands from 5′ to 9′ and two verticals, 44″ and 50″.

Cunningham grands have maple rims (arguably necessary for best sound), custom-designed German Abel Hammers, German music wire, agraffes, duplex scaling, and slow-close mechanisms on both the fallboard and lid. Cunningham regularly sends technical staff to the Ningbo Hailun factory to oversee production, and each piano undergoes a thorough final preparation by Cunningham in Philadelphia.

The special Heritage Series incorporates art cases that reflect late Victorian styling. Handcrafted cabinet parts are made and installed in Cunningham’s Philadelphia facility, making each instrument unique. Customers have the option of customizing certain aspects of the cabinetry based on their personal preferences.

Warranty: 10 years, parts and labor.

Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

* See the Introduction for an explanation of pricing.

Model Feet Inches Description MSRP* SMP*
Cunningham Verticals
Liberty Console 44 Satin Ebony 6,590 6,590
Liberty Console 44 Polished Ebony 5,890 5,890
Liberty Console 44 Satin Mahogany 6,890 6,890
Liberty Console 44 Polished Mahogany 6,190 6,190
Studio Upright 50 Satin Ebony 10,690 10,690
Studio Upright 50 Polished Ebony 9,890 9,890
Studio Upright 50 Satin Mahogany 10,990 10,990
Studio Upright 50 Polished Mahogany 10,190 10,190
Cunningham Grands
Baby Grand 5 0 Satin Ebony 20,390 20,390
Baby Grand 5 0 Polished Ebony 19,190 19,190
Baby Grand 5 0 Satin Mahogany 21,090 21,090
Baby Grand 5 0 Polished Mahogany 19,890 19,890
Studio Grand 5 4 Satin Ebony 22,090 22,090
Studio Grand 5 4 Polished Ebony 20,890 20,890
Studio Grand 5 4 Satin Mahogany 22,790 22,790
Studio Grand 5 4 Polished Mahogany 21,590 21,590
Parlour Grand 5 10 Satin Ebony 26,390 26,390
Parlour Grand 5 10 Polished Ebony 25,190 25,190
Parlour Grand 5 10 Satin Mahogany 27,090 27,090
Parlour Grand 5 10 Polished Mahogany 25,890 25,890
Chamber Grand 7 0 Satin Ebony 41,290 41,290
Chamber Grand 7 0 Polished Ebony 39,790 39,790
Concert Grand 9 0 Satin Ebony 62,990 62,990
Concert Grand 9 0 Polished Ebony 60,990 60,990

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