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Pianos made by: Parsons Music, Hong Kong/China

Joseph Brodmann was a well-known piano maker in Vienna in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Ignaz Bösendorfer apprenticed in Brodmann’s workshop and eventually took it over, producing the first Bösendorfer pianos there.

The modern-day Brodmann company was founded in 2004 by two former Bösendorfer executives. Brodmann, they say, was originally planned as a possible second line for Bösendorfer, but when that company abandoned the idea, the two executives pursued it on their own. In 2014, the Vienna-based Brodmann company filed for bankruptcy protection in Austria. However, manufacture and distribution of the Brodmann line continue unchanged. U.S. distribution rights to the Brodmann line are owned by Piano Marketing Group Inc.; for all other parts of the world, the factory sells directly through its own distributor network.

Brodmann says its mission is to produce a piano with high-end performance characteristics at an affordable price by using European components in key areas, strict quality control, and manufacturing in countries with favorable labor rates.

There are two lines of Brodmann piano, all manufactured, in whole or in part, in China by Parsons Music. The Professional Edition (PE) pianos, made entirely in China, are designed in Vienna and use European components such as Strunz soundboards, Abel hammers, Röslau strings, and Langer-designed (Chinese) actions (Renner in the model 228 grand). Several vertical models use carbon-fiber action parts, for greater uniformity and dimensional stability, and all grand models are now available with optional carbon-fiber actions. For quality control, Brodmann has its own employees from Europe working in the factory. The scale design of the 6′ 2″ model PE 187 is said to be similar to that of a Steinway model A and is often singled out for praise.

The Conservatory Edition (CE), for the more price-conscious buyer, is also made entirely in China, from parts sourced globally, and receives Brodmann quality control.

Warranty: 10 years, parts and labor, to original purchaser.

Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

* See the Introduction for an explanation of pricing.

Grands, with carbon-fiber action, add $1,400 (SMP).

Model Feet Inches Description MSRP* SMP*
Brodmann Verticals
CE 118 47 Polished Ebony 11,890 8,180
PE 118V 47 Vienna Polished Ebony 15,490 10,380
PE 121 48 Polished Ebony 14,890 9,980
PE 121 48 Polished Walnut 16,990 11,380
PE 121 48 Polished White 16,990 11,380
PE 121 48 Polished Two Tone (Apple Tree Saphire/Ebony) 17,490 11,580
PE 124V 48 Vienna Polished Ebony 17,790 11,780
PE 124V 48 Vienna Polished Bubinga 19,190 12,580
PE 126I 49 Polished Ebony w/Institutional Wide Music Desk 17,490 11,580
PE 130 52 Polished Ebony 22,190 14,380
Brodmann Grands
CE 148 4 10 Polished Ebony 30,290 19,380
PE 162 5 4 Polished Ebony 40,590 25,580
PE 162 5 4 Polished Walnut/Walnut Burst 46,890 29,380
PE 162 5 4 Polished White 44,290 27,780
PE 162 5 4 Polished Bubinga 47,990 29,980
CE 175 5 9 Polished Ebony 36,190 22,980
PE 187 6 2 Polished Ebony 47,590 29,780
PE 187 V 6 2 Polished Ebony w/Carbon-Fiber Action 49,790 31,180
PE 187 6 2 Polished Walnut 53,890 33,580
PE 187 6 2 Strauss Polished Two Tone (Ebony/Bubinga) 53,890 33,580
PE 212 7 0 Polished Ebony 71,990 44,380

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