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The PianoBuyer.com website receives more than 35,000 visitors per month, and that number is rapidly increasing. Now you can inexpensively advertise your piano-related services to viewers in your local market.

For only US$95 a year, we will run an ad for your piano-related business — tuning, rebuilding, teaching, sales, or moving — in the Local Services Directory on PianoBuyer.com. Viewers access the Directory from the the navigation bar on any of the website’s pages. The ad will be seen by viewers only in the area you choose, including, where applicable, areas outside North America. The program determines a viewer’s location from their computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address.


Ads can be listed in the following categories:

  • Piano Tuners/Technicians
  • Piano Rebuilders
  • Piano Dealers
  • Piano Teachers
  • Piano Movers

Inquire about discounts for ads placed in multiple categories.

We offer a discounted rate of US$69 per year to members of organizations that help us advertise the Directory to their members. To qualify for this rate, the advertiser must be a member in good standing of the organization, and the member’s name must appear in the ad. This discount is available only for ads placed in the Piano Tuners/Technicians and Piano Teachers categories.

Currently, the affiliated organizations are:

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)

Professional Piano Technicians Network (ProPTN)

Piano Technicians Guild (PTG)

If you wish the ad to be displayed to viewers in more than three U.S. states (up to and including the entire world), the cost for an Expanded Territory listing is $195 a year.

You can create your own ad and send it to us; or we will create an ad for you, at no charge, based on your answers to a number of questions about your business. The ad can be linked to your website.

Ads can also be run to appear in countries outside North America, and in languages other than English. However, if your language does not use the English alphabet (for example: Russian, Chinese, Arabic), you must create your own ad.

To place an ad, or if you have questions about advertising, please contact us.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse ads that are not piano-related or are otherwise inappropriate.

Have Us Create Your Ad

If you want us to create your ad, please be prepared to answer the following questions:

Personal or Business Name
Second Personal or Business Name, or Slogan (optional)


Smith Piano Service
Susan Q. Smith, RPT

ABC Piano Movers
The Cross-Country Moving Specialist

How would you like your Principal Business Service to be described in the ad?

Examples (but not limited to these):
Piano Tuning & Repair
Piano Instruction for Children & Adults
Local & Long-Distance Piano Moving
Piano Sales & Service
Sales of New & Used Pianos

How would you like the geographic area you serve to be described in the ad?

U.S. & Canada
Greater Toronto Area
Southern California
Kansas City Metro Area
Boston, Cambridge, and Metrowest
New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

What contact information would you like listed in your ad?

Choose one or two of the following. Remember that the ad will normally click through to your website, where the viewer can find more complete contact information.

  • Address
  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Website
  • None

List up to four points you would like to emphasize about your credentials or services (limit: 35 characters and spaces per line, up to a total of four lines).


  • In business since 1920
  • Registered Piano Technician, PTG
  • Exclusive Steinway and Yamaha dealer in northern South Dakota
  • Master of Music degree from Juilliard School of Music
  • Comprehensive rebuilding of performance-quality instruments

If you wish, you may send us a custom image to appear in your ad (pdf, jpg, or gif format).


  • A business logo
  • A personal photo

What would you like to happen when someone clicks your ad?

  • Take them to a webpage
  • Allow them to send me an email
  • Nothing

Provide Your Own Ad

If you choose to create your own ad, it must meet the following specifications:

  • In JPG format
  • Exactly 300 pixels wide by 350 pixels tall
  • No larger than 60K in size
  • No flash or animation

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