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For more information on Size, Quality Level, Furniture Style, Finish, and Sheen, please read "Piano Buying Basics" in Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer.

For more information on prices, including the meaning and significance of Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price and Suggested Maximum Price, please read the Introduction to the Model & Pricing Guide in Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer.

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Database Instructions


  • Click on the "Vertical" or "Grand" button to enter the search page.
  • On the search page, enter your selections and click Submit to find all piano models that match your desired criteria. In each choice category, you may make multiple selections (e.g., multiple price ranges, multiple styles, etc.).
  • Checking specific size ranges, price ranges, furniture styles, or finishes will override the "All" checkbox (All Sizes, All Prices, All Styles, All Finishes) in each of those categories. Entering a "custom" size or price will override all checkboxes in that category.
  • Use the "Keyword Search" to find a specific brand. You may combine the Keyword Search with other criteria to further limit your search. When searching on a German piano name, enter vowels without umlauts (e.g., "o", not "ö"). If you're not sure how to spell a name, enter the part you know and the search function will find any name containing that sequence of letters.


  • The results of your search are displayed below the search criteria. Initially they're shown in alphabetical order by brand, but you can click on the column headings to sort, for example, by size, price range, or furniture style. Clicking on any highlighted brand name will take you to that manufacturer's profile page, where you can find more information about the manufacturer or brand.
  • The first two price columns represent two different kinds of "list price." To estimate the "street price" you will actually pay, use the discount calculator: Enter a percentage discount in the box on the search page and click Submit. The discounted Suggested Maximum Price will be shown in the third price column. Be sure you have read about Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, Suggested Maximum Price, and "street price" discounts so you know what percentage discounts you can realistically apply.
  • The model and price information for each brand is also available on that brand's profile page, accessed through the Brand Index. Those listings also contain comments and options that pertain to specific brands or models.


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Electronic Player-Piano Systems

On the search page, as a convenience, we offer three choices regarding the purchase of an electronic player-piano add-on (retrofit) system installed in the piano: No Player-Piano System; Player-Piano System with Playback and Accompaniment; and Player-Piano System with Playback, Accompaniment, and Record. These systems vary widely in price depending on the particular system and options purchased, how the dealer acquired and installed the system, and other considerations, which are detailed in the article "Buying an Electronic Player-Piano System" in Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer. Here, however, for simplicity, we add $7,500 for a system with playback and accompaniment, and $9,300 for a system with playback, accompaniment, and record. These represent approximate "MSRP" or "Suggested Maximum Prices" for basic PianoDisc or QRS systems as frequently configured by dealers. These prices are subject to discount in the same manner, and to about the same extent, as the piano prices. System configurations and prices do vary, however, so all prices should just be considered convenient estimates.

Please note that Yamaha Disklavier pianos will not appear on the results page when the "No Player-Piano System" option is chosen. When one of the other two options is chosen, Disklaviers will appear (if they match the other search criteria), but the $7,500 or $9,300 will not be added to the price because these instruments' prices as listed already include the player-piano system.

Saving and Printing

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Updating and Reporting Errors

Although Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer is updated twice a year, this database is updated whenever new information comes to our attention or errors are reported. Therefore, the information in this database may differ slightly from that in the publication, and should be considered the more accurate of the two.

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