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M.F. Rachals Piano Ltd.
26 Lane 155, Baocheng Road
Shanghai, China 201100

+86 21-54314166
[email protected]

Contact: Leon Zhu, [email protected] 

This company is seeking U.S. distribution.

Mathias Ferdinand Rachals established the M.F. Rachals Piano Company in Hamburg, Germany, in 1832. He was succeeded as head of the company by his son Eduard Ferdinand Rachals in 1866, and by his grandson Adolf Ferdinand Rachals in 1902. The Rachals family is further described in Pianos and Their Makers, by Alfred Dolge (Covina Publishing Co., 1911).

M.F. Rachals was a prominent piano maker until World War II. With the reunification of Germany in 1990, the company was reorganized. In the early 2000s, Rachals worked with the Artfield Piano Co., in China, to produce a line of medium-priced pianos sold worldwide. Rachals set up its own company in Shanghai, China, in 2013, and began producing its M series of pianos in 2015.

The M series uses original German scale designs, and European wood, parts, and other materials are shipped to China for assembly. The nearly completed instruments are then shipped to Germany, where hammers are installed, and all musical finishing work (tuning, action regulating, voicing) is performed to German standards. The pianos contain high-quality components often found in German pianos: Renner actions (standard in grands, optional in verticals), Renner or Abel hammers, Strunz Bavarian spruce soundboards, Röslau strings, and sharps of real ebony wood. At present there are four vertical M models (47", 48", 49", 50") and one grand M model (5' 8").

In 2016, the lower-cost F series was introduced. This line uses less expensive components, such as Luo actions (standard in grands, optional in verticals), FFW hammers, Canya soundboards, and Suzuki strings. The F series comprises three verticals models (48", 49", 50½") and one grand (5').

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