Dexibell North America
Antonio Ferranti, President
818-304-1039 (direct)
[email protected]

Dexibell, made in Italy, was established in 2013 by the R&D and engineering team of the former Roland Europe, with financial backing from parent company Proel S.p.A., an Italian manufacturer of leading brands of professional audio and lighting equipment, musical instruments, and accessories. In 2017, after several years of international success, Proel began distributing the Dexibell brand in North America.

Dexibell uses a suite of patented technologies, called T2L (True to Life), to increase acoustic-piano realism in its instruments. First, whereas the industry standard for sound resolution is 16-bit/44.1kHz (CD quality), Dexibell uses 24-bit/48kHz resolution, resulting in 256 times greater sound resolution and clarity. Second, in comparison to the industry-standard sampling time per note of five seconds or less, Dexibell’s samples run for 15 seconds, capturing virtually the entire natural decay of a note, and eliminating the need for the artificial looping found in most of today’s digital pianos. Last, Dexibell’s Quad Core sound engine contains 320 digital oscillators, allowing for virtually unlimited polyphony and sympathetic resonance.

Dexibell partnered with Ferrari’s design firm to create a look for its instruments that is uniquely Italian, with sleek curved lines, and striking color options that include black, white, red, pink, and blue, in matte and polished finishes.

Dexibell produces digital pianos, keyboards, and organs. Its digital piano line is called VIVO (Italian for alive), and is available in home, portable, and stage versions. All are Bluetooth-equipped, record and play digital audio, and come with two original apps: the VIVO Editor, for modifying any of the instruments’ sound elements, and XMURE, for recording songs and play-along backing tracks with smart accompaniment.

Digital Piano: Specifications & Prices

See the Introduction for an explanation of specifications and a key to the finish codes.

Prices in blue italics indicate MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). Other prices are our estimates based on normal retail margins. For more information on MAP and retail pricing, please see "Shopping Options" in our article "Buying a Digital Piano."

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  Model Form
Slab, Vertical, Grand
Ensemble Finish
See finish codes
Est. Street Price Voices Rhythms / Styles Polyphony Pedals
H = half-pedaling support
Speakers / Watts Recording
MIDI Tracks / Digital Audio (DA)
Bluetooth Vocal Support Educational Features Product Page
VIVO P7 S E Bk 1,899 79 UL 0 (2) H 2 / 70 DA Yes No Yes External Website Link
VIVO S7 S E Bk 1,999 79 UL 0 (3) H 0 / 0 DA Yes No Yes External Website Link
VIVO H1 V E Bk 1,999 79 UL 3 H 2 / 70 DA No No Yes External Website Link
VIVO H3 V E Bk/Wt 2,499 79 UL 3 H 4 / 70 DA Yes No Yes External Website Link
VIVO H3S V E Pk/Bl 2,999 79 UL 3 H 4 / 70 DA Yes No Yes External Website Link
VIVO H7 V E Bk/Wt/Rd 3,999 79 UL 3 H 5 / 112 DA Yes No Yes External Website Link
VIVO H7 V E EP/WtP/RdP 4,499 79 UL 3 H 5 / 112 DA Yes No Yes External Website Link

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