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Alhambra, California 91801
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Flychord, a new brand of digital piano, is a subsidiary of a company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. Flychord currently offers two models in the U.S., the DP330 and DP420K, both ensemble verticals. The DP330 has 500 voices and 210 auto-accompaniment styles. The DP420K, with 40 voices and 50 styles, is more limited as an ensemble instrument, but with its triple-sensor and ivory-textured keys, support for half pedaling, and more elegant furniture styling, it has greater acoustic-piano realism in performance and appearance.

Flychord pianos are distributed in the U.S. by a network of sales agents—piano dealers, studios, and schools—who have demonstrator models to show potential buyers, but who do not stock the instruments themselves. When the customer places an order with the sales agent, the instrument is delivered directly from Flychord, which also handles any future warranty issues. The instruments are also available for purchase from, and directly from the Flychord website.

Digital Piano: Specifications & Prices

See the Introduction for an explanation of specifications and a key to the finish codes.

Prices in blue italics indicate MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). Other prices are our estimates based on normal retail margins. For more information on MAP and retail pricing, please see "Shopping Options" in our article "Buying a Digital Piano."

Click the Model link for additional specifications. Click the Product Page icon to go to the manufacturer's web page for that model.

  Model Form
Slab, Vertical, Grand
Ensemble Finish
See finish codes
Est. Street Price Voices Rhythms / Styles Polyphony Pedals
H = half-pedaling support
Speakers / Watts Recording
MIDI Tracks / Digital Audio (DA)
Bluetooth Vocal Support Educational Features Product Page
DP330 V E R 999 500 210 128 3 4 / 90 1 / DA No No Yes External Website Link
DP420K V E W 1,199 40 50 128 3 H 4 / 130 1 / DA No No Yes External Website Link

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