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Legendary American inventor Ray Kurzweil, perhaps best known for having developed a reading machine for the blind, and hailed by Forbes magazine as “a modern-day Edison,” launched Kurzweil Music Systems in 1983, following conversations with Stevie Wonder about the potential for combining the control and flexibility of the computer with the sounds of acoustic instruments. The result, in 1984, was the Kurzweil K250, recognized as the world’s first digital piano. In 1990, Boston-based Kurzweil Music Systems was purchased by Young Chang, which continues to operate the division today. Young Chang is part of Korean-based Hyundai Development Company (HDC), one of the largest companies in the world.

Designed and engineered in Boston, Massachusetts, by a team of American sound architects, all Kurzweil home pianos feature the award-winning PC3X sound engine. Kurzweil piano models also feature USB and audio inputs to allow easy expansion via iPads and other external peripherals. Kurzweil pianos and keyboards are available through a combination of musical instrument dealers, piano-specialty stores, and online sources.

Digital Piano: Specifications & Prices

See the Introduction for an explanation of specifications and a key to the finish codes.

Prices in blue italics indicate MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). Other prices are our estimates based on normal retail margins. For more information on MAP and retail pricing, please see "Shopping Options" in our article "Buying a Digital Piano."

Click the Model link for additional specifications. Click the Product Page icon to go to the manufacturer's web page for that model.

  Model Form
Slab, Vertical, Grand
Ensemble Finish
See finish codes
Est. Street Price Voices Rhythms / Styles Polyphony Pedals
H = half-pedaling support
Speakers / Watts Recording
MIDI Tracks / Digital Audio (DA)
Bluetooth Vocal Support Educational Features Product Page
KA-90 S E Bk 599 20 50 128 1 4 / 60 1 No No No External Website Link
MPS-10 S Bk 699 88 78 64 1 2 / 30 1 No No No External Website Link
CUP-1 V EP 2,999 1 256 3 H 4 / 100 DA Yes Yes No External Website Link
CUP-2 V R 2,999 88 78 64 3 4 / 140 1 No No No External Website Link
CUP-320 V R 2,499 88 69 128 3 H 4 / 50 1 No No Yes External Website Link
MP-20 V EP 1,999 200 100 64 3 H 4 / 45 2 No No No External Website Link
MP-20F V R 1,999 200 100 64 3 H 4 / 45 2 No No No External Website Link
MP-20F V EP 2,499 200 100 64 3 H 4 / 45 2 No No No External Website Link
KAG-100 G E EP 2,499 200 100 64 3 4 / 35 2 / DA Yes No Yes External Website Link
MPG-100 G E EP 3,999 500 200 128 3 H 4 / 60 6 No No Yes External Website Link

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