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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You don't like reading hundreds of pages on a computer screen
  • You want to be able to carry the book around with you as you shop, or need to use it while away from a computer
  • You're a retailer, technician, or teacher and want to show or give the publication to customers, clients, or students

If you're in the market for a piano, in most cases we recommend you read Piano Buyer first. It's an easier read and may satisfy your needs well enough. It's also more up-to-date than The Piano Book, particularly for new pianos, and is the only publication of the two to cover digital pianos.

The Piano Book covers acoustic pianos in greater depth and a little more technically than Piano Buyer; however, it's still very accessible to the layperson. The Piano Book also has more specialized information than Piano Buyer about used and restored pianos, piano moving, and piano servicing. We recommend it as an additional resource. For information on current brands, models, and prices, The Piano Book is completely out of date -- see Piano Buyer instead.

As more people have migrated online, the full-color print edition became too expensive and unnecessary to publish twice a year. Instead, we have published a new book, The Best of Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer, containing the most useful articles we've published in the past nine years. In addition, we publish, twice a year, a smaller volume, Piano Buyer Model & Price Supplement, containing model-and-price listings for acoustic pianos, and models, prices, and specifications for digital pianos.