•  The most efficient use of your advertising dollars

Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer is the only advertising-based publication specifically aimed at the piano buyer. If you are a piano manufacturer or otherwise wish to reach piano buyers, you probably don’t do much advertising in consumer publications because the percentage of their readers who are prospective piano buyers is typically too low to make such advertising cost effective. Virtually everyone who reads Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer, however, will either be in the market for a piano or will be someone who strongly influences piano purchases. Your precious advertising dollars could not be spent more effectively! This is also true for retailers in major population centers, where potentially hundreds of local piano shoppers will access this unique, free publication.


•  Trade advertising, too

Since the piano trade will undoubtedly be reading Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer, your consumer advertising doubles as trade advertising! And your dealers will see and appreciate your efforts to promote your brand to the prospects they talk with every day.


•  Low monthly cost

Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer is issued only twice yearly and is the piano industry's only model and price reference in print. So unlike most magazines, which are read and discarded within a month, each issue of Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer is used continually by the trade for six months, and by the consumer for as long as he or she is searching for a piano. This means that, for six months, your message will be seen again and again by your target audience for the cost of a single ad. Seen in this light, the cost of a full-page ad in Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer is a steal compared to any major music publication!


•  Favorable demographics for advertising other high-end purchases

An acoustic piano is typically one of the most expensive purchases a household makes, right behind a home and a car. In fact, many pianos are more expensive than the average car, and a few are more expensive than a modest home! Piano buyers tend to be better educated and have more discretionary income than the average person, making them excellent candidates for other high-end purchases, such as home furnishings, audio systems, vehicles, boats, jewelry, and vacations, to name a few.


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