Larry Fine, publisher and editor, is author of The Piano Book. A Registered Piano Technician, Fine has been involved in the piano industry for 35 years.

Dr. Owen Lovell, piano review editor

Barbara Fandrich, advertising director and research associate

Julie Gallagher, Harry St. Ours, design and production

Steve Cohen, piano industry consultant

Del Fandrich, acoustic piano technical consultant

Alden Skinner, digital piano technical consultant

Richard Lehnert, copyeditor


Other contributors to the current issue:

Ori Bukai is owner of Allegro Pianos in Stamford, Connecticut.

Brian Chung is Senior Vice President of Kawai America Corporation and a leading proponent of the benefits of making music. He is also a pianist, and co-author (with Dennis Thurmond) of Improvisation at the Piano: A Systematic Approach for the Classically Trained Pianist (Alfred Publishing, 2007). Visit his website at

Mike Kemper is a Los Angeles-based piano technician and expert on electronic player-piano systems.

George Litterst ( is a nationally known music educator, clinician, author, performer, and developer of music software. In the last role, Mr. Litterst is co-author of the intelligent accompaniment program Home Concert Xtreme, the electronic music-blackboard program Classroom Maestro, and the long-distance teaching program Internet MIDI, all from TimeWarp Technologies (

James Lent is Lecturer in Collaborative Piano at UCLA’s Herb Alpert School of Music. He can be reached at

Sally Phillips has worked in virtually every aspect of the piano industry — service, retail, wholesale, and manufacturing. She lives in Kentucky and works throughout the southeastern U.S. She can be contacted at

Alden Skinner has been involved in both the manufacturing and retail sides of the piano business for over 20 years. He currently holds a product management position in the telecommunications field.

Chris Solliday, RPT, has been a piano technician for 35 years. His piano-service business is based in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia and New York City. His private clientele includes concert artists Keith Jarrett, Fred Hersch, Eugene Albulescu, and many other professional musicians. In addition to offering regular, full piano service, Solliday specializes in custom touch designs. He can be reached at

Christopher Storch, RPT, is an acoustician with experience in the areas of architectural acoustics, noise and vibration control, and environmental noise abatement. He can be reached at chrisstor@

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