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Allegro Pianosad Lowreyad
The American Organistad Making Music Magazinead
Baldwinadprofile Modern Piano Movingad
Blüthneradprofile North Bennet Street Schoolad
Bösendorferadprofile Palatinoadprofile
Brodmannadprofile Parsons Musicad1
Classic Pianos of Portlandad ad2
Clavier Companionad Pearl Riveradprofile
Cline Pianosadprofile Period Piano Centerad
Cooper Musicad Petrofadprofile
Cory Productsad Piano Findersad
Cosmo Musicad PianoMart.comad
Cunningham Piano Co.ad1profile Piano Technicians Guildad
ad2 Piano Worldad
Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saverad QRS Musicadprofile
Disklavieradprofile R. Kassman Pianosad
eKlavierad Randy Potter School of Piano Technologyad
Estoniaadprofile Reeder Pianoad
Förster, August adprofile Rick Jones Pianosad
Genioad Sauteradprofile
Grotrianadprofile Schimmeladprofile
Hailunadprofile Seileradprofile
Heintzmanadprofile Solanaad
Hollywood Piano Steinberg, Wilh.adprofile
House of Troyad Steingraeber & Söhneadprofile
Inner Actad Steinway & Sonsadprofile
Jordan Kitts/Cristoforiadprofile ad2
Kawaiadprofile Story & Clarkadprofile
Kayserburgadprofile TouchRailad
Kingsburgadprofile Weberadprofile
Knabe/Samickadprofile Yamahaadprofile
Lindeblad Piano Restorationsad Young Changadprofile
Living Pianosad


Cover: Grand: Petrof P IV Klasik, Vertical: Weber W114, Digital: Blüthner eKlavier Pianette; Page 4: header:, Grand: Kawai RX2; Page 5: header:, Slab: Yamaha DGX-650; Page 6: Mark Duffy; Page 12: Samick Music Corp.; Page 16: Douglas Gilbert; Page 33:; Page 58: header: Young Chang, Cristofori: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Sq. Grand:; Page 68: Faust Harrison Pianos; Page 80: © Galina Stepanova; Page 101: Bruce Shippee Photography; Page 106: header: © Tatiana Popova, Tuning: © Brent Bossom, Regulating: © Brent Bossom; Page 111: © Ryan Lane; Page 115: Yamaha; Page 123: Roland; Page 129: Yamaha; Page 139: © Carl Keyes; Page 141: Yamaha; Page 147: PianoDisc; Page 148: © Martina Nehls-Sahabandu

The Definitive Piano Buying Guide for

Buying New, Used, and Restored Acoustic Pianos and Digital Pianos

Spring 2014    Page 288

Spring 2014    Page 288

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