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The Definitive Piano Buying Guide

Digital Pianos

Brand and Company Profiles

SL-1Weight Scaled YUSBY21/1
SD-10Graded YUSBY21/1
HP-99Graded Y SDY51/155x21x36165
HP-99Graded Y SDY51/155x21x36165
MDG-200Graded Y SDY31/155x29x36165
DL-100TSHA USBY33/356x18x3075
DL-600TSHA USBY43/357x19x3495
DL-800ATSHA USBY33/356x19x34110
DL-900TSHA USBY43/356x19x34110
DL-1250TSHA USBY33/357x19x34180
Allegro 21/1
Encore 31/155x13x577
Rhapsody Y21/145x12x2038
Overture Y21/154x20x34132
Serenade Y21/1
Symphony Y Y31/154x20x34154
Symphony Elite Y Y31/154x20x34165
Digital Grand 21/155x41x33165
P35BGHS 3/352x12x626
P105GHS Y23/352x12x626
P155GH USB 23/353x14x641
GH Y USBY23/353x14x638
CP33GH Y 3/352x13x640

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Spring 2014    Page 283

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