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The Definitive Piano Buying Guide

Digital Pianos

Brand and Company Profiles

e-Klavier PRO-884-zone gradedY Y2255x17x557
e-Klavier 1
4-zone gradedY Y1257x22x35198
e-Klavier 1
4-zone gradedY Y1257x22x35198
e-Klavier 2
4-zone gradedY Y1255x25x42220
e-Klavier 24-zone gradedYY Y1255x25x42220
e-Klavier 3
4-zone gradedYYY USBYUSB255x25x42230
e-Klavier 34-zone gradedYYY USBYUSB255x25x42230
e-Klavier Pianette4-zone gradedYYY Y2255x25x42220
BDP 10 Y21/152x11x525
BDP 15 Y21/157x12x3190
BDP 20 Y21/154x19x34117
BDP 100
BDP 150
BDP 500 Y21/152x11x526
BDP 500 Y21/152x11x526
BDP 500
PX-5STri-Sensor Y USBY83/352x11x524
PX-150BKTri-Sensor Y Y Y23/352x11x524
PX-150WETri-Sensor Y Y Y23/352x11x524
PX-350BKTri-Sensor Y YUSBY173/352x11x525
PX-350WETri-Sensor Y YUSBY173/352x11x525
PX-750BKTri-Sensor Y Y Y23/353x12x3371
PX-750BNTri-Sensor Y Y Y23/353x12x3371
PX-750WETri-Sensor Y Y Y23/353x12x3371
PX-780BKTri-Sensor Y YUSBY173/353x12x3370
PX-850BKTri-Sensor Y YUSBY23/353x12x3382

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Spring 2014    Page 271

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