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Spring 2014    Page 261


Prices for electronic player-piano add-on (retrofit) systems vary by installer, and by options and accessories chosen. The following are manufacturers’ suggested retail prices for installed systems, options, and accessories. The usual dealer discounts may apply, especially as an incentive to purchase a piano. Prices for player-piano brands that are installed only by the piano manufacturer, such as Yamaha Disklavier and Bösendorfer CEUS, are included in the acoustic piano Models & Prices section of this publication.

Model/Option MSRP
Includes (unless otherwise stated) SilentDrive HD w/1,024 levels of expression, Apple Airport Express (with Air Systems), plus $1,400 software package.
iQ Intelligent Player System, factory-installed or retrofitted:
iQ iPad64G Air Platinum — iQ Audio Controller module, ProRecord, headphones, Piano MuteRail;
$2,500 preloaded Music & Video Package
iQ iPad64G Air Premier — iQ Audio Controller module;
$2,500 preloaded Music & Video Package
iQ iPad64G Air — iQ control box, iPad 64G, cables8,789
iQ iPad 64G Mini Air — iQ control box, iPad 64G Mini, cables8,681
iQ iPad 32G Air — iQ control box, iPad 32G, cables8,557
iQ iPad 32G Mini Air — iQ control box, iPad 32G Mini, cables8,449
iQ iPad16G Air — iQ control box, iPad 16G, cables8,363
iQ iTouch Air — iQ control box, iPod Touch 32G, cables8,160
iQ Flash — MP3 Player w/remote control7,634
iQ Flex Air — Using customer-provided playback device7,657
iQ Flex — Using customer-provided playback device7,509
Add for amplified PDS150 or PDS250 speakers (pair)861
QuietTime MagicStar — Control unit w/128 General MIDI (GM) sound module, MuteRail, optical key sensor MIDI Strip, MIDI interface board, cable, power supply, and headphones3,443
ProScan — Optical Record System — Key strip only2,313
ProScan QT — ProScan with headphones and MuteRail, cables, etc.3,245
ProRecord — Optical Record System only2,139
ProRecord — Optical Record System with Sound Module3,603
ProRecord QT — Optical Record System, Sound Module, headphones, MuteRail, cables, etc.4,535
Piano MuteRail only 722
iQ Audio Balance Control — Dual-balance piano/audio control188
Includes pedal solenoid, two amplified speakers, remote control5,995
QRS PNOmation
PNOmation II Playback, installation extra6,195
PNOmation II Playback and Record, installation extra8,195
PNOmation II Playback, Record, Perform, and Practice; installation extra8,595
PNOmation II Upgrade Kit, installation extra2,295
PNOmation II MIDI Upgrade Kit, installation extra2,295
PNOscan II Key Sensor Strip, installation extra 1,995

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Spring 2014    Page 261

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