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STEINBERG, WILH. (continued)
ModelFeetInchesDescriptionMSRP* SMP*
IQ 2851Polished Ebony24,92024,920
IQ 2851Satin Beech/Alder/Oak25,44025,440
IQ 2851Satin Walnut/Mahogany25,50025,500
IQ 2851Polished White21,79021,790
IQ 2851Amadeus Polished Ebony23,95623,956
IQ 2851Amadeus Satin Walnut/Mahogany29,81629,816
AC 16555Phoenix Bass, Polished Ebony34,40034,400
AC 16555Phoenix Bass, Polished Mahogany37,70037,700
AC 18862Polished Ebony45,88245,882
AC 212611.5Polished Ebony55,45655,456
ModelFeetInchesDescriptionMSRP* SMP*
For pricing information on Steingraeber-Phoenix pianos, please contact the distributor.
122 T48Polished Ebony39,76739,767
122 T48Satin Sapele/Walnut39,09539,095
122 T48Polished Sapele/Walnut45,55345,553
130 PS51Polished Ebony51,47551,475
130 PS51Polished Ebony w/Twist & Change Panels55,55955,559
130 PS51Satin Sapele/Walnut46,88646,886
130 PS51Polished Sapele/Walnut53,57553,575
130 PS51Satin Special Veneers49,10249,102
130 PS51Polished Special Veneers55,79055,790
138 K54Classic Polished Ebony56,70456,704
138 K54Classic Polished Ebony w/Twist & Change60,80960,809
138 K54Classic Satin Sapele/Walnut54,74054,740
138 K54Classic Polished Sapele/Walnut61,45061,450
138 K54Classic Satin Special Veneers57,00857,008
138 K54Classic Polished Special Veneers63,70763,707
A17057Polished Ebony93,38293,382
A17057Studio Anti-Scratch Lacquer Polished Ebony90,88390,883
A17057Satin Sapele/Walnut106,003106,003
A17057Polished Sapele/Walnut110,109110,109
A17057Satin Special Veneers107,557107,557
A17057Polished Special Veneers111,621111,621
A170 K57Classicism/Chippendale Polished Ebony107,757107,757
A170 K57Classicism/Chippendale Studio Anti-Scratch Lacquer Polished Ebony105,258105,258
A170 S57Studio Polished Ebony88,66888,668
A170 S57Studio Studio Anti-Scratch Lacquer Polished Ebony86,16986,169
A170 S57Studio Satin Sapele/Walnut101,278101,278
A170 S57Studio Polished Sapele/Walnut105,373105,373
A170 S57Studio Satin Special Veneers102,822102,822
A170 S57Studio Polished Special Veneers106,885106,885
B192 N63Polished Ebony117,017117,017
B192 N63Studio Anti-Scratch Lacquer Polished Ebony114,182114,182
B192 N63Satin Sapele/Walnut130,331130,331
B192 N63Polished Sapele/Walnut134,237134,237
B192 N63Satin Special Veneers131,979131,979
B192 N63Polished Special Veneers135,917135,917
B192 S63Polished Ebony111,483111,483
B192 S63Studio Anti-Scratch Lacquer Polished Ebony108,774108,774
B192 S63Satin Sapele/Walnut124,115124,115
B192 S63Polished Sapele/Walnut127,821127,821
B192 S63Satin Special Veneers125,690125,690

*See pricing explanation on page 205.

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Spring 2014    Page 250

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