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SEILER (continued)
ModelFeetInchesDescriptionMSRP* SMP*
SE-2428Polished Ebony156,250126,000
SE-27892Polished Ebony253,125203,500
Eduard Seiler ED Series Grands
ED-16856Virtuoso Satin Ebony32,00024,100
ED-16856Virtuoso Polished Ebony31,25022,780
ED-16856Virtuoso Polished Mahogany/Walnut32,00024,100
ED-18662Maestro Satin Ebony41,25030,690
ED-18662Maestro Polished Ebony40,00029,590
ED-18662Maestro Polished Mahogany/Walnut41,25030,690
Eduard Seiler ES Series Grands
ES-18662Maestro Polished Ebony59,98544,990
ES-18662Maestro Polished Mahogany/Walnut62,98547,190
ES-18662Maestro Satin Maple/Cherry62,98547,190
Johannes Seiler Grands
GS-16053Satin Ebony19,93816,950
GS-16053Polished Ebony18,97516,180
GS-16053Polished Mahogany19,93816,950
GS-17559Satin Ebony22,68819,150
GS-17559Polished Ebony21,72518,380
GS-17559Polished Mahogany22,96319,150
GS-18662Satin Ebony24,47520,580
GS-18662Polished Ebony23,65019,920
GS-18662Polished Mahogany24,73620,580
ModelFeetInchesDescriptionMSRP* SMP*
S-12650Polished Ebony10,800
S-12650Polished Mahogany11,200
S-16053Polished Ebony20,190
S-16053Polished Mahogany20,990
S-180510Polished Ebony22,190
S-180510Polished Mahogany22,990
S-21872Polished Ebony31,980
Steck, Geo. — see Welkin Sound
ModelFeetInchesDescriptionMSRP* SMP*
IQ 1646Polished Ebony17,58017,580
IQ 1646Satin Beech/Oak/Alder17,95617,956
IQ 1646Satin Walnut/Mahogany18,29818,298
IQ 1646Polished White18,98018,980
IQ 2448Polished Ebony20,36420,364
IQ 2448Satin Beech/Oak/Alder20,90020,900
IQ 2448Satin Walnut/Mahogany20,98020,980
IQ 2448Polished White21,76421,764
IQ 2448Amadeus Polished Ebony22,16422,164
IQ 2448Amadeus Satin Walnut/Mahogany24,58024,580
IQ 2448Amadeus Polished White26,76426,764
AC 12348.5Polished Ebony17,24017,240
AC 13051Polished Ebony19,74019,740

*See pricing explanation on page 205.

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Spring 2014    Page 249

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