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PianoDisc makes retrofit player-piano and performance-capturing systems, including a newly released optical recording system, that can be added to virtually any acoustic piano — grand or vertical, new or used — and even some digital pianos. Pianos fitted with PianoDisc systems maintain full functionality of all pedals, and playback (and optional record) of all 88 notes. Piano manufacturers offer factory-installed PianoDisc products, and piano dealers in over 60 countries have installations done at their locations by trained and certified PianoDisc technicians.

PianoDisc's principal player-piano system is called iQ. The core technology of the iQ system, hidden within the piano body, can play back PianoDisc music using, as a source, almost any media player. The most popular configuration is the iQ iPad Air bundled with an Apple iPad and Airport Express for wireless control. With iQ, customers can operate all functions of the system from a single, familiar source that also allows them to take advantage of hundreds of apps (offered through Apple's App Store and Google Play) for additional enhancement and enjoyment. Unique within the industry, iQ features a patented method of detecting adjustments made in the volume of the music player to automatically match the piano's volume to it. Each PianoDisc system includes a free package of music and video software valued at $1,400, and a set of five CDs of the customer's choice from the PianoDisc catalog.

PianoDisc's high-resolution solenoid system, SilentDrive HD, is standard equipment on all current PianoDisc player systems. Each key's solenoid recognizes 1,024 levels of expression. SilentDrive HD offers quiet playback of original piano performances, and features a faster processor and streamlined architecture that improve timing, velocity, and dynamics. The ProPedal proportional pedal feature, introduced in 2013, is a low-profile, invisible pedal-drive system that uses the piano's original pedal trapwork without any modification of the piano's profile or operation.

Also introduced in 2013 was the new YouTube channel PianoTube LIVE. It delivers, to the customer's home or commercial establishment, high-quality HD videos of live concerts, piano performances, and even multi-instrument/vocal recordings or albums synchronized to a customer's own piano. Using the PianoTube LIVE smartphone app, customers can easily record and upload their own video performances directly to YouTube, which can then stream and play PianoDisc-equipped pianos "live" all around the world without requiring the substantial bandwidth needed by some other systems. Compatible with player systems equipped with iQ technology, this exclusive PianoDisc channel is designed to enhance the PianoDisc experience by integrating it into social media and remote education networks.

Music Store, also introduced in 2013, has replaced MusiConnect as a simpler, more user-friendly way to buy and download music from the PianoDisc website. The new process includes a downloadable format that delivers compressed (Zipped) MP3 files directly to a computer. Other formats available for purchase include CD, floppy disk, and SD card. The new, streamlined process also includes pre-synced performances for the PianoDisc original-album genre PianoSync.

Beginning in the second quarter of 2014, PianoDisc customers will be able to use the latest Android technologies, in addition to Apple and other smart devices, to stream audio music and videos directly from PianoDisc's vast library to their pianos, using a custom PianoDisc app or a media player such as Avia or DoubleTwist. In addition, customers will be able to purchase and play digitally delivered content directly from a smart device in a simple one-step process. With Android integration, customers can also project the synchronized videos using Google's Chromecast.

PianoDisc's live, free, streaming piano radio network, available 24/7 to all iQ-based systems, can play a customer's piano directly. PianoDisc expects to soon add more stations with a greater variety of music programming. This service should be of special interest to hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that use PianoDisc to provide their customers with nonstop, royalty-free entertainment.

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