Samick Music Corp. (SMC)

1329 Gateway Drive
Gallatin, Tennessee 37066

The Sohmer & Co. piano has traditionally been a higher-quality line with beautiful furniture, and under SMC's distributorship that tradition has continued. The grand piano scales have recently been updated, but the furniture still resembles that of vintage American-made pianos of the past, and the material specifications remain unchanged. The grands have maple outer rims, sand-cast plates, solid white spruce soundboards, Renner hammers, solid brass hardware, American hardrock maple pinblocks, maple or beech action rails, lacquer semigloss wood finishes, and other higher-quality features. The new 6' 10" grand uses in its construction computerized manufacturing technology, developed in cooperation with Bechstein. The grands are now made in Indonesia, though Korean-made models may still be on dealers' showroom floors.

The Sohmer & Co. vertical line has also been changed. When SMC began distributing Sohmer pianos, it started with a beautiful 42" console that was nearly an exact replica of the original Sohmer console of old, and with a 45" studio made in Korea. These turned out to be at price points that were too high for consumer demand. The Sohmer vertical line now consists of a 43" model 43 console in Traditional and French-style cabinets, a 46 1/2" model 47S institutional (school) studio in ebony and a variety of wood finishes, and a new 48" model 48P, offered this year in both polished and satin ebony with nickel hardware. All three models feature full-length backposts, a sand-cast plate, spruce veneer-laminated soundboard, American hardrock maple pinblock, hornbeam action parts, hardwood cabinet construction, maple or beech bridge caps, and a slow-close fallboard. These models are all made in Indonesia to specifications that are slightly lower than those for the Sohmer grands, and may be similar to some models sold by SMC under other names, such as Samick and Pramberger.

Warranty: 10 years, parts and labor, transferable to future owners within the warranty period.

STECK, GEO. — See Sejung.


Thüringer Pianoforte GmbH
Mozartstrasse 3
07607 Eisenberg, Germany
+49-36691-59540 (fax)

Pianos made by: Thüringer Pianoforte GmbH, Eisenberg, Germany

This company, formerly known as Wilh. Steinberg Pianofortefabrik, was formed after the reunification of Germany by the merger of several East German piano companies that collectively trace their origins back to 1877. In addition to its own pianos, Steinberg makes several other European piano brands under OEM agreements. The company also specializes in custom cabinets and finishes. Piano production is about 700 verticals and 80 grands per year.

In 2009, Steinberg introduced a new marketing concept that involves selling pianos at three levels of quality. The first level, IQ, is the traditionally crafted piano that the company has made entirely in Germany for many years. These high-quality instruments have beech rims with spruce bracing (grands), solid Bavarian spruce soundboards, maple bridges with maple caps, Renner actions and hammers, and Kluge keys. The second level, AC (Advanced Craftsmanship), uses some nonacoustical components manufactured in China, but the instruments are assembled, regulated, and voiced in Germany. The third level, P (Premium), consists of instruments entirely made in China, with only final preparation done in Germany. This level is not currently being imported into the U.S.

Warranty: 5 years, parts and labor, to original purchaser.