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Company Headquarters: J. B. Piano GmbH, Kudlichgasse 24, A-1100 Vienna, Austria. Phone: +43-1-890-3203;

Pianos made by: various makers (see text)

Joseph Brodmann was a well-known piano maker in Vienna in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Ignaz Bösendorfer apprenticed in Brodmann's workshop and eventually took it over, producing the first Bösendorfer pianos there. Today's Brodmann is a new company, headquartered in Vienna, and founded in 2004 by two former Bösendorfer executives, pursuing a direction they say was planned as a possible second line for Bösendorfer a number of years ago, but never acted upon.

Brodmann says its mission is to produce a piano with high-end performance characteristics at an affordable price by using European components in key areas, strict quality control, and manufacturing in countries with favorable labor rates.

There are three lines of Brodmann piano. The Professional Edition (PE) pianos, made in China, are designed in Vienna and use European components such as Strunz soundboards, Abel hammers, Röslau strings, and Langer-designed actions (Renner in the model 228, a Chinese action in the verticals). For quality control, Brodmann has its own employees from Europe in the factory. The scale design of the 6' 2" model PE 187 is said to be similar to that of a Steinway model A and is often singled out for praise.

The Conservatory Edition (CE), for the more price-conscious buyer, is also made in China, and comprises all Chinese parts (except for Japanese hammer felt), and receives Brodmann quality control.

The Artist Series (AS), introduced in 2011 and available only in the larger grand sizes, is partially made in China and then shipped to Germany, where the strings and action are installed and all musical finishing work is performed. The rim is made of maple; the soundboard, ribs, and pinblock are from Bolduc in Canada; and the piano uses a Renner action, Kluge keyboard, and Abel or Renner hammers.

The Brodmann company also makes an entry-level piano line called Taylor London, made in China with Asian parts, and subject to Brodmann's quality control.

Warranty: 10 years, parts and labor, transferable to future owners within the warranty period.

CABLE, HOBART M. — See Sejung.

CABLE-NELSON — See Yamaha.

CHASE, A.B. — See Everett.




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Pianos made by: Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Ltd., Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

Originally issued under the name Opus II, the Cristofori piano is distributed by Jordan Kitt's Music, which owns and operates 11 piano dealerships on the East Coast and in the Chicago area; and Schmitt Music, which has more than a dozen locations throughout the Midwest and in Denver. At present, Cristofori pianos are sold only in their stores. Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655–1731) was, of course, the inventor of the piano.

Cristofori currently sources its acoustic pianos from Pearl River, in China. The Cristofori pianos are differentiated from Pearl River's own line of pianos by upgraded feature specifications such as the use of highest-quality Mapes strings from the U.S., soundboards of solid, premium Siberian spruce (instead of laminated soundboards) in the larger grands and taller verticals, a different selection of cabinetry, and an upgraded warranty. U.S. technicians in the factory inspect every Cristofori piano prior to crating and shipping.

Warranty: 12 years, parts and labor, transferable to future owners within the warranty period.