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Anonymous, RPT, has 31 years' experience as a piano technician, and is currently head technician for a major university. His contract with the university prohibits the use of his name and that of the institution in this context.

Steve Brady, RPT, has 37 years' experience as a piano technician for private individuals, concert venues, piano dealerships, and universities. His latest book is Under the Lid: The Art and Craft of the Concert Piano Technician (Byzantium Books, 2008). He resides and works in Seattle, Washington. Visit his website at www.stevebradypiano.com.

Arlan Harris, RPT, MPT, has serviced pianos in homes, piano dealerships, concert halls, and recording venues throughout North and South America for 30 years. Currently director of technical services and head technician for a dealer in New York City, he also works as an independent technician servicing his own clientele. He can be reached at arlan_harris@yahoo.com or www.arlanharris.com.

Steve Pearson, RPT, has 35 years' experience as a concert piano technician, a manufacturer's service representative, and a piano dealer. He currently runs a piano service business in the Chicago area. He can be reached at pianopearson@yahoo.com.

Joe Vitti has worked in the piano industry for over 30 years as a concert piano technician, in concert-grand manufacturing, as a manufacturer's service representative, and as a developer of products for piano technicians. Currently servicing a private clientele on Long Island, New York, he can be reached at concertek@yahoo.com.

Ed Whitting, RPT, a second-generation piano technician, has been servicing pianos since 1970, including as a concert piano technician and a manufacturer's service representative. He is currently in private piano service in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, his practice limited to high-level servicing, tuning, and rebuilding, and purchase consultation for high-end pianos. He can be reached at edwhitting@yahoo.com.


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