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Italian producer Ketron, established in 1981, began by making portable organs. The company introduced its first digital pianos in 1998, and expanded that product line in 2002. Ketron currently offers six models, including slabs, verticals, and a grand.

Ketron did not respond to requests for information.


See Adagio


See Samick


Korg USA, Inc.
316 South Service Road
Melville, New York 11747

Korg was founded in 1962 to produce its first product, an automatic rhythm machine, and in 1972 entered the electronic-organ market. The LP-10 stage piano appeared in 1980, and its first digitally sampled piano, the SG1, was introduced in 1986. This year Korg expanded its digital piano offerings from five to seven models, including the new entry-level model SP170 at only $499. Following Kawai's lead, Korg recently announced plans to sell its home digital pianos online (see Kawai, above).

Kurzweil (Young Chang)

Kurzweil Music Systems
19060 South Dominguez Hills Drive
Rancho Dominguez, California 90220

Legendary inventor Ray Kurzweil, perhaps best known for having developed a reading machine for the blind, launched Kurzweil Music Systems in 1983, following conversations with Stevie Wonder about the potential for combining the control and flexibility of the computer with the sounds of acoustic instruments. The result was the Kurzweil K250, launched in 1984. In 1990, Kurzweil Music Systems was purchased by Young Chang, which continues to operate the division today.

The Kurzweil line consists of 14 models. The new X-PRO series, which includes a vertical, a mini-grand, and a baby grand, is based on Kurzweil's powerful PC3X professional keyboard. The SP line of stage pianos is available from music retailers and online sources, while the X-PRO and Mark series of verticals and grands is available only through traditional piano dealers. Kurzweil partners with Boston Acoustics in the design of speakers and enclosures for some models. All Kurzweil models employ Italian Fatar actions.


5795 Martin Rdoad
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M-Audio (formerly Midiman) is a business unit of Avid Technology, Inc., founded in 1987. Avid also operates Digidesign, producer of the recording-industry standard Pro Tools software, the popular and powerful Sibelius notation software, and professional video-production products. M-Audio makes and sells a wide variety of music-production hardware, including audio/MIDI computer interfaces and monitor speakers. The company has withdrawn from its brief sojourn in the home digital piano market, leaving only the ProKeys88 slab model.


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