A Message from the Publisher

A Message from the Publisher

Larry Fine

Welcome to the second issue of Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer, a semiannual publication devoted to the purchase of new and used acoustic pianos and digital pianos. Piano Buyer is the supplement and successor to the well-known reference The Piano Book, since 1987 the principal consumer guide to buying a piano in the U.S. and Canada. Because it's partially supported by advertising, Piano Buyer is available free online at www.pianobuyer.com, as well as for purchase in print from the website and in bookstores.

The first issue of Piano Buyer required a tremendous investment of time and money to produce, and I'm pleased to report that it's been enthusiastically received by both readers and advertisers. In the first six months, about 30,000 individuals have accessed Piano Buyer online or in print, with online visits totaling close to 80,000. This issue is brought to you courtesy of 75 advertisers, including virtually every major piano manufacturer, and many of the largest piano retailers in the U.S. and Canada. When you have occasion to interact with them, please let them know that you appreciate their support for Piano Buyer. A special thanks to Frank Baxter, founder and host of the Piano World online community, who has been very gracious in supporting our efforts, and to Making Music Magazine for swapping ads with us.

Piano Buyer is a hybrid book/magazine. The "book" part consists of a collection of how-to articles on the many aspects of buying a piano. These basic articles are repeated in every issue to serve the many new buyers continually entering the piano market. The "magazine" part consists of features that change with each issue to cover topics of more temporary or niche interest, and to provide variety. The brand, model, and price reference material in the second half of the publication is updated, as needed, with each issue.

In this issue, we offer several new articles for your reading pleasure: a review of Group 3 Performance-Grade "Value" Pianos by guest reviewers Dr. Owen Lovell and Adrean Farrugia, both regular contributors to Piano World's online forum (p. 115); a delightful piece titled "Everything Old Is New Again," by Temperament author Stuart Isacoff, on reconnecting with the past through the restoration of vintage pianos (p. 68); the first of two articles of candid comments about high-end pianos by piano technicians who service these outstanding instruments (p. 79); a practical guide for digital piano shoppers, by digital piano editor Alden Skinner, on what to do if you have only $2,000 to spend on an instrument (p. 149); and Alden's review of Vienna Imperial, the high-end piano software package from Vienna Symphonic Library (p. 145).

Don't forget to explore the rest of our website. If you're shopping for a new piano, the searchable online database of 3,000 models will allow you to home in quickly on the instruments that match your requirements for size, furniture style, and budget. If you missed the last issue of Piano Buyer, you'll find it under the Archives tab. And over the next six months, we'll be adding other content, as well as the ability to better search for the information you're looking for.

Finally, if you're reading this online, consider buying a print copy of Piano Buyer. It's a handsome volume, printed in color on glossy paper, and will make a great reference, coffee-table book, or gift.

Piano Buyer exists to make shopping for a piano easier and more enjoyable. If you have a suggestion as to how we can do that better, please e-mail me at larry@pianobuyer.com.

Larry Fine, Publisher


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